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Will Clapp Does His Job But Can He Go Beyond Expectations?

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2018 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins

Auburn v LSU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Will Clapp, OG/C
School: LSU | Conference: SEC
College Experience: rSr | Age: 22
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 311 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 4th Round or 5th Round
NFL Comparison: Alex Mack

College Statistics


Player Overview

Will Clapp was a 4-star recruit from New Orleans, Lousiana. Clapp received an offer from Alabama but they had no chance against LSU. Clapp always wanted to play for LSU his entire family is full of Tigers fans. His dad, Tommy, was an LSU defensive lineman in the 1980’s. Clapp has experience both at left guard and center and played along LSU’s last center and 2017 2nd round Ethan Pocic who was selected in the 2nd round by the Seahawks. Clapp can go earlier than his current projection because of his versatility and ability. He has been described as a reliable and dependable player. He does his job with no bells and whistles. Clapp has great strength, awareness, and ability to seal blocks. His technique isn’t overly impressive but he gets the job done. He has his share of weaknesses he appears quite heavy footed at times and has trouble getting to the second level on runs. Bottom line is Clapp won’t turn heads with his play but he is a smart player that can do his job pretty good. He will have growing pains at the next level against NFL DL but he should be able to suffice with his work ethic and willingness to learn. He likely is a high-quality backup but could start on a team whose offensive line is already stacked with talent.


  • Good size for the position with decent strength and position versatility.
  • Sneaky good and effective at securing and sealing blocks for interior runs. As much as he blocks and latches on to a defender he just gets in the way and it works, surprisingly.
  • Recovery can be excellent considering his sub-par athleticism. Head is on a swivel and he can adjust to pressure pre-snap. Looks to help out his teammates as well. Smart player who you want making the calls at the LOS.
  • Is a good anchor on the OL and has taken a lot of punishment. Described as "durable and reliable”.


  • Leverage and contact balance is below average. He has to always win and stand defenders up. He lunges forward hoping to use his strength and momentum to control but against quicker and stronger linemen he ends up on the grass.
  • Below average athletic ability and doesn't look great when pulling or trying to get to the second level.
  • Legs lock up and feet are heavy against power rushers and he doesn't maintain his base - he got away with it in school he won't in the NFL. Needs technique work.
  • Just maintains his position and doesn’t consistently move people.

Let's see his work (Look for the Center #64):

How He Would Fit On The Redskins

If the Redskins decide to wait on an interior offensive lineman and select Clapp the hard decision will be whether to play him at LG or C. On one hand, it makes complete sense for Clapp to stay at Center considering all his strengths. On the other hand given his weaknesses and need to improve his technique he might be prudent to move him to the ‘least valuable offensive line position’ if you subscribe to that ideology. Regardless of where Clapp plays if that is the team's solution to the OL hole I think they are playing with fire. Clapp is a fine player and a nice guy I’m sure - and I think he is better than the current backups - but his ceiling is pretty clear to me and its below average to average starter (if things go well with his development which could take a few seasons). Unless Roullier takes a huge leap forward I think the Redskins may be inviting trouble in the left interior OL with two young players who have to work hard to maintain blocks and have their share of balance issues. Clapp will need the support in the NFL as he’ll be going up against Fletcher Cox, and Snacks among others twice a year. If this sounds like a knock on Clapp it is and it isn't. It's more of an airing out about the uncertainty of the OL and the nervousness of this fan thinking about how the team is going to turn gluesticks and scotch tape into gorilla glue and duct tape. I hope that if the team drafts Clapp he follows Spencer Long’s career trajectory and gets better with each passing year.