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Colby Gossett Has The Physical Tools To Be Successful But He’ll Need Time Before He Can Compete

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2018 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins

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Colby Gossett, OG
School: Appalachian State | Conference: Sun Belt
College Experience: rSr | Age: 22
Height / Weight: 6-5 / 311 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 5th Round
NFL Comparison: Clint Boling

College Statistics

Player Overview

Colby Gossett was a 2-star prospect from Cumming, Georgia. Gossett was originally recruited to play tackle and received a few other offers from UAB, Elon, and Samford. Gossett has starting experience at right tackle and right guard dating back to his redshirt freshman year. Gossett had his best year yet last season and earn 1st team All Sun-Belt honors. While Gossett stacked up well against Sun Belt defenders he has had his troubles against tougher competition in his career. He is very strong lineman with good size who can be effective in pass protection as well a run blocker. Gossett generally plays with good control and arm extension on passing plays. He can move relatively well and can reach the second level on runs and take out defenders on running plays. Gossett is a still raw player that may be able to compete for a starting job once he cleans up his technical issues. Right now he plays way too upright and his footwork is not always in sync with his mirror and punch. His base can become narrow and he can get thrown off balance by power rushers. He needs to reign in his punch because the target area is all over the place. I would also like to see him play with more urgency as a pulling guard. Still, Gossett has the physical tools that can be worked with and developed. He should be a high-quality backup with an outside chance to start if things go really well at the next level.


  • Good size, strength, athleticism, and length for the position.
  • Plays with decent power and even better strength he has technical issues in pass protection but if he sets his base and gets he hands square into his target he can control well.
  • Has the ability to seal blocks on the first level to spring his running back and can also transition to the second level. Has great initial quickness to get set off the snap.
  • Reliable and relatively consistent player. Plays with some vinegar at times.


  • Technical issues are in abundance. He has the tendency to be quick off the snap but if his punch doesn't land he can bring himself to the ground. Balance is an issue. He has the tendency to lunge to recover instead of using his footwork which is not smooth. He plays with a narrow base and can be pushed back into the backfield. He plays too upright and can/will lose the leverage battle against strong, quick, shorter DL.
  • Has the quickness you want out of your guard according to the tests but doesn't always take the best angle or make contact with his assignment and it doesn't always show on the field.
  • Strike and hand placement needs a lot of refinement so he can control defenders with more consistency.
  • Doesn't look for work consistently.

Let's see his work:

More Colby Gossett videos

How He Would Fit On The Redskins

Colby Gossett is about the best you can hope for as an OL prospect on day 3 of the draft. Yeah, he has a lot of technical issues but the majority of them can be worked on and improved. Gossett has clear upside demonstrated by the success he’s had up to this point with his raw skills. He has the physical make up to be successful at the next level but it may take him several seasons before he is ready to step on the field. At worst Gossett should be a quality backup and may even be able to play tackle in a pinch. I’d feel confident in developing depth like Gossett later in the draft because unlike other prospects at the position he doesn't need to do much in terms of adding weight or getting stronger. His development could be quicker than others when you consider all he has to do is watch, learn, and do from one of the best offensive line coaches in the league. Gossett should make at least one of the reserve OL on the Redskins expendable and considering the state of the left guard position should push the competition for starter in a positive manner.