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Offseason On The Brink: Join Us For A Draft Party (Again!)

The schedule is out, and the draft is so close we can taste it.

Denver Broncos v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

We’re on the precipice of peak BrinkinessTM (brinkification?) but with the 2018 schedule now released and the NFL draft upcoming this week, there was plenty of substance to chew on and digest this week in the basement for Offseason on The Brink. We’re hoping to not have to backtrack on our plans to head to Nashville for a live show this year, but if it happens now we know that Santa will need to set up a PO box down in the Volunteer State for Ken, Kev, and T and their families in order to make it down Christmas week. That, in addition to another week 4 bye and three primetime games (all on the road) have Washington needing to mentally prepare for what is always a grueling fall and winter season.

Clearly burying the lede, the NFL draft is FINALLY here this week. For the final time we ponder the ‘Skins at the thirteenth overall pick, but there’s clearly excitement in the basement air.

That said, you’re all (fire marshal permitting) invited to join us live for the second straight year, for our live NFL draft party from Caddies on Cordell in Bethesda this Thursday. Check out the Facebook event for all the details. This year, we’re excited to be joined by The Redskins Alumni Association, led by Mike Nelms, Redskins players, and other special guests to welcome the newest member of the Redskins family in the first round of the NFL Draft. This is a family friendly event. Money raised on the evening will benefit JL Foundation for Diabetes, Brave Dave, the Redskins Alumni Association, Literacy For Life, Caring for Kids, and the Autoimmune Diseases Association.

As always, we encourage you to follow the Hogs Haven Facebook page where we broadcast on Facebook live each week. We hope to see many of you on Thursday at Caddies for a great cause and to celebrate our newest member of the Burgundy & Gold!