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Redskins Mock Draft Simulation: Early trades allow Skins to fill their needs

A look at a possible Redskins mock draft scenario

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For my latest Mock Draft simulation I went back to a trade scenario using On the Clock Premium. I really like the idea of the Redskins moving back in the first and maybe the 2nd round as well and picking up a couple premium picks. The Redskins lost more talent this offseason than they acquired so having extra picks would help fill that gap. After moving back my goal was simple, hitting on needs with quality value players. As always you can follow along with the simulation here!


-Payne fills one of the Redskins most pressing needs for a player who can fill the NT role and be stout versus the run. Payne can join former Alabama teammate Jonathan Allen on the line, and would really solidify the Redskins defensive front. He doesn’t have the splash plays in his resume in terms of sacks or tackles for a loss, but watching him on film shows that he does a lot of things well and was typically in a strong position. His lack of stats definitely are a bit deceiving though, Payne does need to work on being more consistent. Overall though he is a good value pick at this spot and can help at any interior position along the Redskins line. Also, unlike Vita Vea Payne did play in about 70% of Alabama’s snaps this past year. Washington might not need him that much, but he has shown he can hold up for extended period of time.


-With the run on interior offensive linemen in this simulation and a few good running back options left, taking Ragnow here is a no brainer. Ragnow is a tough physical center with Pro Bowl potential. Drafting him would allow the Redskins to slide Roullier over to LG, and give them potentially a top talent and day 1 starter at a key position along the offensive line. If the Redskins are serious about being more effective running the football, adding a mauler like Ragnow is a quality step in that direction. He’s a strong, smart pass blocker as well, who will do what it takes to keep a clean pocket for Alex Smith.


-Adding Chubb here is a nice solid value pick. I’ve talked about him before, but he makes a lot of sense with the Redskins talking about being more physical in the running game and he complements Chris Thompson perfectly. Chubb is more of an all-around back than he gets credit for, but his primary value will be on early downs and short yardage situations. Areas where the Redskins struggled to run the football last year.


-Edmunds doesn’t have the same hype as his brother, but he’s got a similar profile in terms of upside for his position. He’s got excellent size, speed and athletic ability for a safety. He can fill a SS, FS, Dime backer role and even cover some in the slot. The issue with him is he’s still pretty raw so, he’s probably not an immediate full time player. That’s fine from the Redskins perspective as he can fill in some for Swearinger/Nicholson, but primarily be used as a Dime backer in the role that Su’a Cravens was used as a rookie.


-If Griffin is on the board for this pick, he would make an excellent addition to the Redskins defense and special teams units. He’s incredibly versatile and while his loss of his land limits him some, he has consistently found ways to overcome and produce. Griffin can play inside linebacker, work off the edge as a situational blitzer and even deserves some consideration at safety. He’s a guy you can move around depending on the match-up and get value from him.


-Fatukasi is a solid 4th-6th round interior DL option for the Redskins. He’s got good size and power, that he uses to push around opposing offensive linemen. He’s got decent quickness, though he lacks consistency there. He profiles as a versatile defender who can handle the NT, 5 technique in a three man front or 1 technique in a four man front. He’s still pretty raw, but he can help contribute in a depth role taking a few snaps a game.


-Jackson is a smaller corner, but he plays physical and he has good speed/quickness. He could work outside some, but I think he could be developed as a slot option. He only has two years of major college experience, but he was very productive in that time and has shown some nice growth. He offers the Redskins some solid future upside, but mainly will be a nice depth option and special teams player.


-Rolland-Jones is an intriguing late round option. He’s a smaller school guy, but absolutely dominated in the Sun Belt conference with 42 sacks over his four year career (wasn’t even a full time starter his first two seasons). In addition Rolland-Jones had 65 tackles for a loss and 10 forced fumbles in his career. What kills his stock and why he will be available later in the draft is he’s smaller than you’d like (just under 6’2” and 253 lbs) and he didn’t test well athletically. Despite that I think he deserves late round consideration, he’s a smart player who hunts the QB as well as anyone in this class. He may never be a starter, but he could develop into a situational guy.


-The Redskins offensive line depth is pretty non-existent so doubling up on the position makes a lot of sense. Allen gives them a versatile interior player, who is tough and physical. He’s undersized and that will keep him from being drafted earlier, but he offers a lot as a back-up lineman. He may never develop into a starter, but he should be a quality back-up who can spot start as needed.


-Two areas the Redskins lack are special teams return ability and a slot receiver back-up for Jamison Crowder. Henderson definitely fills the first need as he has 7 combined punt and kick-off return TDs in his three year career. He’s an explosive player and when he gets to the open field he can make big plays happen. As for being a back-up slot receiver he fills that role on paper, but he really is raw as a receiver. In fact he has more rushing yards in his career than receiving yards. Henderson needs to work on his route running and his overall receiving ability, but he has the potential to develop and can be used as a situational weapon to get the ball in his hands in space.


While the Redskins might not trade back with both of their top picks, I think this type of simulation shows there could be some merit to the idea if there are trades to be made. Adding that extra late 2nd and 3rd round pick really help the Redskins get the players they need to fill out their roster. This is a balanced group with doubling up on offensive players in the 2nd and 7th rounds and going defense everywhere else. Defensively Payne is a clear starter and one that fills a key area of concern. Adding Fatukasi later for extra depth is a nice bonus and could even allow the Redskins to clear future cap by releasing Terrell McClain in camp. Edmunds and Griffin offer a lot of speed, athleticism and potential to the back seven of the Redskins defense. Both are highly versatile players who can be used as chess pieces to move around the defense. Jackson and Rolland-Jones offer solid depth at their respective positions. Offensively the Redskins address their two biggest offensive needs with plug and play starters, who both have a lot of upside. Ragnow especially could become a fan favorite with his toughness and physicality up front. Definitely a throw back player to the old Hogs, and Nick Chubb is a physical back who will remind some of the days of Riggins, Rogers, Riggs, and Byner during the Redskins heyday. Tell me your thoughts below and share some of your simulations!