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Redskins Mock Draft Simulation: Taking a BPA approach

A look at a Redskins Mock Draft simulation focused on taking the BPA at each spot.

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This will be a quick break down today, but I’d like to thank hiphopfan85 for his idea to do a best player available simulation using On the Clock, but adding a few rules to make it a bit more realistic. Here are the rules I used when coming up with the draft using Matt Miller’s big board (he’s since updated it some):

  1. No QBs at all in this draft- I highly doubt we see a QB taken in this draft so I didn’t want to waste time on it.
  2. No WR or OT (unless they could play inside) in the first round. These positions aren’t really needs and are tough to justify an early pick.
  3. No doubling up on a position among the first five selections.
  4. No taking of multiple RB, TE, WR, or CB. All these positions have some level of needs, but tough to see them taking multiple with just 8 selections.
  5. No Special teams players, Skins just re-signed Hopkins and Way the last couple of years, I don’t see them spending a pick on either spot.
  6. No more than 2 players at a position group outside of the OL if multiple positions are being addressed.

As always you can follow along with the simulation here!


- This is a home run selection for the Redskins, and is probably their preferable choice. While it’s quite possible that he’s selected before the Redskins are on the clock, there is a growing thought that he could slide out of the top 10. He would be a great addition to the Redskins secondary where he can help at slot corner, FS, SS, and Dime LB. Fitzpatrick is so versatile and such a smart football player that the Redskins would likely carve out a unique role for him even as a rookie. Obviously if there were any injuries to either of the starting safeties he’d take over that as a full time role, but it’s more likely he ends up in a full-time position where he shifts around the defense based on match-ups.


-Daniels was the top player on the board in RD 2, and that is an absolute steal for the Redskins at this spot. Daniels fills a big hole along the offensive line as it allows the Redskins to move Roullier over to LG and plug in Daniels in the center role. Daniels has All-Pro potential and would give the Redskins another star along the offensive line.


- Another good value pick here as Penny slid to the 3rd round. I think there is a strong case to take Penny in the 2nd round (late 2nd is the range I typically feel good about him), but he was a bit lower on this board and slid to the 4th round. Penny has the chance to be a very good lead back in the NFL, and would fit with the Redskins system.


-While I don’t see the Redskins having a major need for WR, I do think they could use a back-up for Jamison Crowder. Currently Crowder is the only receiver on the roster with any real slot experience or the skill set you typically project for an inside role. Also, Crowder is the only receiver among the top three that isn’t under control for 2019 at this time, so depth there is a need. Coutee was not only the top player on the board, but he actually fits as the type of receiver that makes sense for the Redskins. Coutee has speed and deep threat ability, but primarily he should be used inside. He can play a little outside as well, but his greatest value will come as a slot receiver who occasionally goes deep. He also can be used as a return man which is an added bonus.


-Depth at corner is a need, though less so with the addition of Fitzpatrick who will help fill that role somewhat. But based on the rules in place, Wallace was the top player available. He’s generally expected to go somewhere in the 5th-7th round range and he offers good size, solid play and some decent athletic ability on tape. Wallace was a walk-on at Alabama, and developed into a starter this past season.


-Madison is a nice late round option because he’s versatile and has shown some promise in college. He won’t be competing for a starting role as a rookie, but he’s got a good shot to make the team and become a quality back-up.


- Based on the rules DeLuca was the top player available and helps add cheap depth at a spot that could use it. He’s a hard worker and was a key member at ND State, but he probably maxes as a back-up, special teamer in the NFL. He might even need a year on the practice squad, though that isn’t a huge deal since for at least a season the Redskins have okay depth options in Vigil and Spaight (though both are FAs after the year).


-And this is where the BPA strategy didn’t work. I don’t really consider adding another LB in the draft that likely or much of a priority (note: I would have taken Burks over DeLuca if I had the choice with the previous 7th rounder), but the other options ahead or even around this pick were a QB, P, RBs, WR, and CBs. None of those spots made sense either. I do think Burks is a steal this late in the draft as I see some developmental potential for him. He’s athletic and offers 3 down ability down the road.


Overall this draft actually turned out pretty well, the top 4 picks all hit on needs and in a general order of how important the player will be for the Redskins. Even the next three positions CB, OL, and LB all make sense from a need perspective even if they weren’t maybe the best overall option I would have selected with those picks. Fitzpatrick and Daniels would not only be quality starters, but they have the chance to be elite at their respective positions as well. Penny would be a good starter for the Redskins as well, while Coutee would contribute some as a rookie (mainly on Special Teams). Wallace, Madison and one of the linebackers would offer solid developmental depth as well.

The biggest issue of course is the defensive line wasn’t addressed at all, particularly among players who could fill an early down nose tackle role. Now if the Redskins go out and sign Jonahtan Hankins that probably isn’t a big issue. If they don’t sign Hankins well that would leave a hole on the roster. Even 5th or 6th round early down NT options in this draft could have helped the defensive line rotation. If I wasn’t going BPA, I would have grabbed one in the 5th or 6th rounds for sure (Kendrick Norton in the early 5th would have been a no brainer for me). That also would have helped fix the other issue with this draft of doubling up with linebackers in the 7th round. Instead one of those picks could have been a receiver or corner depending on which 5th round pick I used on finding a NT.

I know many will hate this draft given the lack of a defensive lineman, but consider the rules that were in place and the fact that it was a best player available draft. Also, hopefully if the draft played out like this the Redskins would be wise enough to sign Hankins. Tell me what you think and share some of your best player available mocks with whatever extra rules you want to use!