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The Washington Redskins 2018 Story...Pre-told in April

On schedule release day, we of course have to run the obligatory season prediction post!

Denver Broncos v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Well, we can’t have a schedule release day without predicting the season record, can we? Here is my first go at it, with admittedly little in the way of statistical commentary. There is a very familiar record at the end...see if you can guess!

Week 1: Sunday, Sept. 9, 4:25 p.m. at Arizona Cardinals

Opening on the road might not be a bad thing for this Redskins team...especially if Alex Smith comes out of the preseason healthy and hot. It will be the league’s first taste of a healthy David Johnson, which will test one of 2017”s worst run defenses (technically a true statement). I like the idea of setting the tone of the season away from the disaster that has become FedEx Field. We are hearing that season ticket renewals are way down, new interest is low and they are removing sections once again. To be frank, I was a little worried what week one would look like at home, despite never doubting the diehard crowd I join each year at the beginning of a campaign. The Cardinals are a very sound franchise, but they are at a bit of a crossroads (aside from the talented David Johnson). If the Redskins address that defensive line the way I think they will, and if they can contain DJ early, look for a season-opening win for our guys. 1-0

Week 2: Sunday, Sept. 16, 1 p.m. vs. Indianapolis Colts

The home opener is a great matchup in my opinion for all of us who attend the games. It’s not that Colts fans aren’t great—they are, but they don’t travel the same way our divisional rivals and other east coast fanbases do. Coming off a big win to start the season, the Redskins please the faithful by handling Andrew Luck and handing Indy a loss. 2-0

Week 3: Sunday, Sept. 23, 1 p.m. vs. Green Bay Packers

If you are already listening to the so-called “experts,” you are hearing a refrain across pretty much all the networks: this could be the year of Aaron Rodgers. I happen to buy into this notion, and if I have any chance to have Ay-Ay-Ron on any of my fantasy teams, I will jump at that chance. I would like to think this game will be competitive, but I am giving this one to the Pack. 2-1

Week 4: Sunday, Sept. 30. BYE

This is simply a terrible bye week to have...if I could call it a loss, I would.

Week 5: Monday, Oct. 8, 8:15 p.m. at New Orleans Saints

I don’t know why, but we seem to play well in New Orleans, and this will be no different because of two words...say it with me, “POWER SNEAK!!!” One more first down would have gotten it done last year, and we had two chances to get it from a yard out. Alex Smith runs a quarterback keeper to seal the deal this year. Throw your beads at the television screen. 3-1

Week 6: Sunday, Oct. 14, 1 p.m. vs. Carolina Panthers

I don’t want to be the guy who believes too much in Cam Newton...but even if you don’t love the guy, he tends to be better when he is healthier, and week six is not deep enough into the season for him to start playing exceptionally dinged up. I think this tailgate could be epic, as we will be in the parking lot pre-celebrating a 4-1 start, only to exit in defeat. 3-2

Week 7: Sunday, Oct. 21, 4:25 p.m. vs. Dallas Cowboys

For those of you who know me best, you know at least one thing about me: there is no way I am going to take a loss to Dallas in April. FedEx rocks as the Redskins destroy the Cowboys and Vita Vea does an amazing Haka after sacking Dak Prescott to seal the win. 4-2

Week 8: Sunday, Oct. 28, 1 p.m. at New York Giants

I actually think the Giants will be better in 2018, but Alex Smith is the difference in this first matchup against the men in blue up in New York. I think Smith gives this team confidence in a very tough division, and a week after leading the Redskins to victory against Dallas, the quarterback locks up a second divisional win. 5-2

Week 9: Sunday, Nov. 4, 1 p.m. vs. Atlanta Falcons was fun while it lasted. The three-game winning streak that included two NFC East wins comes to a crashing halt as the Falcons do what the Falcons do. I am hoping they don’t go over 200 yards rushing on us, but I am fearful that there will be a letdown after the previous two wins. 5-3

Week 10: Sunday, Nov. 11, 1 p.m. at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Is anyone really afraid of the Buccaneers? I mean, this is the point where I remind myself that we may be on the verge of watching a Redskins team that can beat just about anyone and be beaten by just about anyone. I just don’t see the Bucs doing the beating here. 6-3

Week 11: Sunday, Nov. 18, 1 p.m. vs. Houston Texans

If you need to set your watch to anything, please use the mid-season collapse of the Texans that seems to happen every year. It generally is rooted in some terrible injury to one of their best players, and leads to a journeyman quarterback throwing 20 passes a game to DeAndre Hopkins. I don’t see Andre Johnson running down the field being covered by Reed Doughty in this one...which is great news for us. 7-3

Week 12: Thursday, Nov. 22, 4:30 p.m. at Dallas Cowboys

If you know anything about me at all, you at least know this: hell will freeze over before I take a loss to Dallas in April. I think 8-3 is an almost laughably ridiculous prediction. Almost. 8-3

Week 13: Monday, Dec. 3, 8:15 p.m. at Philadelphia Eagles

You might want to stop reading from here. This Redskins team ain’t going 13-3...I am sorry to bear this news. The losses have to come from somewhere, and the defending Super Bowl champs in prime time seems like the right spot. At 8-4, we will talk ourselves into the idea that this doesn’t matter. 8-4

Week 14: Sunday, Dec. 9, 1 p.m. vs. New York Giants

A common theme for me leading up to the 2018 season is a healthy respect simultaneous with disdain and disrespect for the New York Giants. I don’t know how we lose to this team...even after watching it happen over and over and over again. I’ll venture a guess that Alex Smith remains the best quarterback on the field when these teams meet. 9-4

Week 15: Sunday, Dec. 16, 1 p.m. at Jacksonville Jaguars

If you have been reading my articles long enough, you know I happen to believe in Blake Bortles. After all, garbage time quarterbacks need love, too! The Jaguars have about 52 first round picks on their roster, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them down the stretch last season. I will not enjoy this game, however. 9-5

Week 16: Dec. 22 or Dec. 23, 1 p.m. at Tennessee Titans

The playoff picture plastered on every network show will have the Redskins right up there in the mix, perhaps even holding onto a wild card spot going into the Titans game. I can’t think of a single greater moment of the playoffs last year than the one where Marcus Mariota was the lead blocker for Derrick Henry to seal the playoff victory over...oh yeah...Alex Smith’s Chiefs. Look for Alex to return the favor and throw a block to free up Sony Michel for a game-winning score late in the contest. 10-5

Week 17: Sunday, Dec. 30, 1 p.m. vs. Philadelphia Eagles

It doesn’t matter that the Eagles won’t need this win. It doesn’t matter that Nate Sudfeld may very well be playing quarterback on this day. It doesn’t matter that the Redskins might need this win to lock up a playoff spot or at least improve their chances in a very strong NFC. The Eagles will win this one, and New Year’s Eve will be a very dangerous night in Washington. 10-6