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Offseason On The Brink: Shawn Springs Stops By The Basement

A fan favorite former Redskin stops by to chat on The Audible

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When you get together in Basement Podcast Studios, you never really know how the evening will turn out. We usually have a few topics that are the flavor of the day that of course the conversation will turn to, but things rarely end up going as planned. As we settled into our seats, some deeper than others, we knew that the big topic on everyone’s minds this week was the NFL combine, the stories and data points that overtook the football conscious for the last week.

But then, who should appear, but a special guest, former Redskins cornerback Shawn Springs! Shawn was a two-time Pro Bowler and Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, but perhaps nearest and dearest to the Audible gang, an all-state football player and alumnus of Springbrook High School in Silver Spring.

Shawn was kind enough to sit down and share his thoughts on the upcoming draft, who excites him the most, and which players would be a good fit in the Redskins organization. We also closed things out with a toast to the unofficial (but really official) end of the Kirk Cousins era in D.C.

For a longer, broader, and more in-depth listen, check out Shawn’s full visit with The Hotbox. It’s a lengthy listen but you’ll never be the same afterwards.

As always, thank you to our listeners and those of you kind enough to chime in on Facebook live. We’ll be back every week at around 9(ish) from Basement Podcast Studios, so be sure to follow Hogs Haven on Facebook to be a part of the conversation.