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Offseason On The Brink: Snow Days Off

It’s spring apparently, but the winter weather doesn’t keep Offseason On The Brink off the air

NFL: Houston Texans at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With T on the road, and Bryan on his Hogs Haven HR-sanctioned two weeks of PTO in Florida, Ken and Kev held down the (snow)fort from Basement Podcast Studios. Brent from Burgundy Blog was kind enough to chime in and give us his thoughts on the Redskins free agency splashes, who they’ve landed, who they’ve missed, and who might still be next to end up in the Burgundy and Gold. Not lost in all the fray is that the draft is quickly approaching and the Redskins are well positioned to land at least one impact player who can contribute quickly in 2018.

What we do know for sure is that Kevin has a lot of work to do on his Minnesota accent.

Big ups to the lively conversation in the comments on Facebook live this week. We love to see that! We (generally) keep an eye on what’s going on down there, and appreciate all the questions, comments, and banter. Stay warm friends!