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Hogs Haven Saturday Slop

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day

NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC vs AFC Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Kirk Cousins says Redskins trade for Alex Smith Surprised him | ESPN

“Coach Gruden called me the next day and communicated that my desire to draw the process out through March was going to make it tough on them,” Cousins said. “They couldn’t afford to wait so they had to make a move. They wanted to do a deal, but because I wanted to go a little longer it put them in a tough spot. So they made the trade. I understood that. He said, ‘I wish you all the best. We had a good run and look forward to seeing you in the future.’ “

Travis Kelce laud Alex Smith’s ability to adjust to the game | ESPN

That, of course, should be good news for Redskins tight end Jordan Reed(provided he stays healthy), who had a good rapport with his former quarterback, Kirk Cousins. In Cousins’ three years as a starter, he targeted Reed 237 times -- second to slot receiver Jamison Crowder, but that’s mostly due to Reed missing 16 games in that stretch. Cousins owned a 119.3 passer rating with 19 touchdowns when targeting Reed.

Need to know: Could a run at QB push LB Roquan Smith to the Redskins | CSN

If they can’t get Brown, perhaps they will have a shot at inside linebacker Roquan Smith of Georgia. I’ve raved about him here a few times. At this early stage, he is regarded as a top-10 talent. However, as Trevor Matich explained to me the other day, he could drop to No. 13 because of a possible run on quarterbacks in the top 10. If enough signal callers go in picks 1-12, Smith could be sitting there for the taking. In fact, even if Brown is around Smith might be a good pick. Ditto for Virginia Tech ILB Tremaine Edmunds, a top-10 talent.

NDT Scouting: Pretty Penny or Bargain Buy NFL Draft

When we consider how they differ, Washington is generally stronger of a player, especially in contested situations, and I think he has a leg up in terms of nuance when working route stems. While Coutee often gets open (with some stem work) on athletic ability primarily, Washington blends both nicely, which will translate to greater consistency in the NFL. Coutee, on the other hand, has better explosiveness and YAC ability, not to mention that PR/KR value. I think Coutee’s dynamic ball-in-hand aspect to his game, when considered with the deep threat, pushes the envelope for me.