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Redskins Senior VP Doug Williams speaks at the 2018 NFL Combine

Williams talks about the Combine, free agency, Kirk Cousins, and more at this year’s Combine

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Redskins don’t officially have anyone speaking at the Combine this year, but Senior VP of Player Personnel spoke to reporters today. He said the team hasn’t discussed franchise tagging QB Kirk Cousins this year, and he’s a free agent for sure even though the team still has time to tag him. He couldn’t discuss the Alex Smith trade until it was finalized next month, but did mention Kendall Fuller was just a nickel defender. He isn’t too interested in cap management, leaving that to Eric Schaffer. He also said the team sent free agent LB Zach Brown a long time ago. This is probably all we will get out of the Redskins front office at the Combine with no official pressers scheduled.

Kirk Cousins:

Alex Smith:

Free Agency:

Eric Schaffer:

“One thing about [Senior Vice President of Football Operations/General Counsel] Eric Schaffer, he does a tremendous job of keeping in contact with all the guys that the coaches talk about. I mean, we’ve basically talked to all the free agents that are on our team at this particular time and some kind of conversation, whether or not its an offer or let them know what we think.”

Zach Brown:

Money QBs are making today:

Cap management:

RB depth in this year’s draft:

Upgrade at RB:

“Nobody’s going to sit here and sugar coat the fact we had a good running game. We had about 1.4 yards per carry. To say that we’re good at the running back would not be fair to the team.”

Su’a Cravens:

RB like Chris Thompson:

“You definitely want to look for a guy like Chris Thompson. Nobody does things as well as Chris and we’re hoping that Chris comes back just like he left – he’s one of the most dynamic backs in the league for what he can do – but you’re looking for that runner and you’re also looking for that guy that can play three downs. …You’d like to have a guy that can play two downs, plus the next one down and doesn’t have to come off the field.”

Injuries at offensive tackle:

“It’s so unfortunate on the offseason we’re going to be without our top four tackles. But the good part about it, talking to Trent the other day, he feel’s good about where he is. Morgan Moses feels good…the most important thing when we go to training camp, if those guys are ready for training camp, its good because we don’t play until September. I think that’s the most important thing.”

Upgrading the defensive line:

“The interior D-line needs upgrades, there’s no doubt about it. We were giving up 130 some yards a game from the rush standpoint. I think we’ve got to be able to stop the run, that’s not a secret. To sit here and say we don’t or that we’re happy with what we have I would say that wouldn’t be fair. We need to upgrade the interior on that side of the ball.”