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Sunday Slop: Redskins news of the day

A look at some of the top Redskins stories of the day

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Even for one year a Browns-Kirk Cousins pairing doesn’t make a lot of sense | ESPN

Granted, if he’s tagged and signs the tender then, yes, Washington could indeed trade him. But, as has been mentioned often, all Cousins has to do is not sign the tender. Until he signs it, the Redskins can’t trade him and he’d count on their salary cap when the new league year begins (unless they rescind the tag beforehand. Otherwise, they’re killing their cap). If tagged, there’s a real good chance Cousins’ side would file a grievance anyway under the belief it goes against why the tag was put into place.

Need to know: Drafting a RB early not a cure-all for Redskins ground game | CSN

In the past eight drafts, 34 running backs were drafted in the first and second round. That group has had 170 opportunities to post a 1,000-yard season. What I mean by opportunities is the number of seasons that have elapsed since the player was drafted. The six backs drafted in the first two rounds in 2010 have each had eight chances to gain 1,000 yards in a season so they have combined for 48 opportunities (6*8). There were five backs drafted in the first and second seven seasons ago, so there have combined for 35 opportunities, and so on. Through the eight years that adds up to 170 seasons.

Need to know: Costly cornerbacks, off season blueprint | CSN

An offseason blueprint for the Redskins—Should the Redskins focus their free agency money on keeping their own? In addition to unrestricted free agents Zach Brown and Trent Murphy, they need to consider extensions for Brandon Scherff, Preston Smith, and Jamison Crowder. That could chew up a bunch of the approximately $31 million of cap space that they have. They may get some help on the market but most of their improvement should come from the draft and from within.

3 Draft prospects to fix the Redskins receiving corps | NDT Scouting

At 6-1, 195 pounds, Pettis has a slight frame that could struggle with physical corners, but his releases are very polished and explosive against press coverage. He could potentially play on the outside and in the slot, allowing Gruden to be flexible with his personnel packages. Pettis is also an elite return man with nine punt return touchdowns at Washington.

Top 100 Free agent list |