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Redskins Vs. Giants - Studs and Duds

Mark Tyler gives you his Studs and Duds of the Redskins game against the Giants.

NFL: New York Giants at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

40-16. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry...I think I’ll go with laugh, as this team is a laughing stock right now in every aspect of the game.

Let me start by saying this - I have been a Jay Gruden supporter since he was hired as the team’s head coach, but I believe, following this absolutely disgraceful performance, that it’s time to tear this thing apart and start fresh.

Yes, Gruden needs to go,...but so does Bruce Allen, and many others.

I really don’t care anymore about the 17 players on injured reserve. I don’t care that we are on our fourth-string quarterback. I don’t care that our defense can’t stop a Pop Warner football team.

This shit-show just needs to end!

Below are my Studs and Duds of the game.


Josh Johnson - Hummmm - maybe if this guy would have started the game, we’d still be the playoff hunt. He wasn’t perfect, but he moved the ball, and he was a LOT better than Mark Sanchez.

Ryan Kerrigan - It looked like Kerrigan was the only Redskins defender who came to play today. He’s on his way to yet another double-digit sack season.

Saquon Barkley - He was every bit worth the number two overall pick in the draft! This guy is absolutely amazing in every aspect of the game! He made our defense look like fools in just over a half of football.


Mark Sanchez - Could it get much worse for captain Butt-Fumble? Can anyone out there tell me what it feels like to have a real quarterback?...I didn’t think so.

Chris Thompson - Dropped balls! Sure, not all of them were perfect throws, but still - hold onto the damn football!

Jordan Reed - One target, one dropped pass, and injured yet again. It’s time to cut this guy already; he’s simply not worth the money we are paying him.

Trent Williams - Williams may talk the talk during the week, but he surely didn’t walk the walk on Sunday. This may have been the worst football game I’ve ever seen him play.

Morgan Moses - guessed it - even more false start penalties (he’s good for at least one every game), sacks given up, and piss-poor blocking. Just a VERY bad game by the veteran.

Austin Howard - OMG! This guy has no business in the league.

Mason Foster - No, I don’t care about his interception in the fourth quarter. I can’t stand watching him in our defense any longer. It’s really embarrassing. Someone please pull him and start Brown and Dion Hamilton.

Fabian Moreau - Right now, Moreau doesn’t look like he belongs in the NFL. I think he should call in sick on Monday during film session. Eli Manning could have thrown for 300 plus yards against Moreau alone on the afternoon.

Jay Gruden - Simply for not starting Josh Johnson...oh yeah, and a bunch of other reasons I can’t get into right now. You can tell he doesn’t want to be here anymore.

All the other coaches - This was absolutely pathetic. They should all be given pink slips at the end of the season...maybe some should be gone by Monday.


- I like that Doctson was used a bit in the slot today, and even the fact that he showed some emotion after the big catch and run late in the fourth quarter.

- Had Crowder not have had that big catch-and-run for a touchdown, he’d have landed himself on the Duds list for the dropped passes today. He probably still should be on the Duds list regardless.

- Twelve men on the field after a time out? Seriously?