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Alex Smith dealing with infection from initial leg surgery

Complications from Alex Smith’s surgery

NFL: Houston Texans at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

People have been very curious about the lack of updates on Alex Smith and his surgery for his broken tibia and fibula on November 18th. The Redskins QB needed immediate surgery for the open fracture to try to prevent infection. The Redskins original timeframe for his recovery was 6-8 months. Jay Glazer reported the spiral fracture would take closer to 8-10 months.

Rumors started last night about complications with the surgery and recovery. Burgundy Blog reported that Alex Smith was still in the hospital due to an infection, and more work needed to be done.

Eric Bickel from the Sports Junkies reported this morning that Smith has had multiple surgeries due to the complications and infections following his initial surgery.

The national NFL media caught wind of the story, and Ian Rapoport also reports that Smith is battling infection from the surgery.

This led to the Redskins making an official statement 11 minutes after Rapoport’s report asking for privacy for Alex Smith and his family.

This is obviously a serious injury, and the infections could have major long-term affects on Smith’s health and his career. Redskins fans are obviously concerned about how this affects their beloved team long-term, and those questions will be answered when the time is right. But right now Alex Smith and his family are dealing with a traumatic, ongoing experience.