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Build The Team: CFB Standouts Week 14

SEC Championship - Alabama v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


Darrell Henderson, RB
School: Memphis | Conference: AAC
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 5-9 / 200 lbs

If you like seeing rushing yards pile up you should have tuned into the AAC championship game this past week. Both teams combined for almost 600 rushing yards split between each of their top two rushers. Darrell Henderson accounted for 210 of those yards as he ran all over the UCF defense in a losing effort. Henderson has been one of the best rushers in college football this season and has rushed for just over 1,900 yards this season and 22 TDs. Henderson is a short squat back with speed and elusiveness who can do a lot of damage in space and rarely goes down on first contact. A lot will depend on his test numbers if he decides to declare but Henderson could be a great value at the position in the mid rounds. He finished this game with 16 carries for 210 yards and 3 TDs.

Collin Johnson, WR
School: Texas | Conference: BIG 12
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 6-6 / 220 lbs

After writing about his running mate Lil’Jordan Humphrey earlier in the season it’s time Collin Johnson got some attention. Personally I like Humphrey’s skillset a bit better than Johnson’s especially when we are talking about their fits on the Redskins but the is no denying that Johnson is a physical talent. He reminds me a lot of our own Josh Doctson. His bread and butter are those intermediate to deep routes where he simply uses his size, athleticism, catch radius, and body control to win over his opponents. On the right team just like Doctson, Johnson could be a dangerous deep/red zone threat with his ability to separate at the last moment. He did his part in a losing effort against Oklahoma in the BIG 12 championship. Johnson hauled in 8 catches for 177 yards and a TD.

Isaac Nauta, TE
School: Georgia | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 240 lbs

If I was a Georgia fan I would yell about why Nauta wasn’t more of an option in the passing game. I’m not a Georgia fan so I wonder it out loud. Nauta stat line can run hot and cold from week to week but there is no doubt that when you get him the ball good things happen. I’m not so sure he declares this year, if he does not I would hope Fromm would develop a bit more chemistry with him and that Georgia would really feature him in the offense more next year. Nauta is a weapon when used. He is dangerous in the seam, he is dangerous in space, he is a reliable pass catching option. Nauta won several matchups against Alabama’s safeties and linebackers in a losing effort for Georgia. He had an impressive individual performance hauling in 4 catches for 81 yards and a TD.


Byron Murphy, CB
School: Washington | Conference: PAC 12
College Experience: RS Sophomore | Age: 20
Height / Weight: 5-11 / 182 lbs

Starting the season Byron Murphy looked like he was going to be the next big corner coming out of a Washington program that has produced several high picks at the position in recent years. Murphy looked great in coverage early in the year and had the stats to prove it then fell off a bit in terms of passes defended production. Murphy made up for that a bit in the second half of the season, more specifically the last two weeks where he has padded his interception production. During the PAC 12 championship game this past week Murphy blanketed his opponent and got a bit lucky resulting in two interceptions, one of which was a pick 6. He is just a RS Sophomore but he could very well test the waters this year. He has great tools for a cover corner and as you can see below more than adequate ball skills. Murphy finished this game with 2 tackles, 2 INTs (1 pick 6), and a pass defended.

Tre Lamar, LB
School: Clemson | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 250 lbs

Kendall Joseph got some shine a few weeks ago now it’s his teammate Tre Lamar’s turn. I think its safe to say that Lamar is viewed as the more valuable prospect despite Joseph having a slightly better stat line in large part because of his (Lamar) size and athleticism. Lamar is still figuring out how to use his physical talent but he has the potential to be very versatile. I believe that Lamar has the ability to play inside or outside. He has some pass rush ability and if coached up I think he has the pieces to be decent in coverage as well. Clemson relies on its talented front 4 to provide pressure and rush the QB while the LB’s do the clean up. In a more aggressive scheme that features an attacking ILB/OLB a player like Lamar could do quite well. He showed some of his promise this past week where he racked up 9 tackles (2 TFLs), and a sack.

D’Andre Walker, EDGE
School: Georgia | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Age: 21
Height / Weight: 6-3 / 245 lbs

D’Andre Walker made the right decision to return for his senior year. He put together a fantastic year as he was thrust into the spotlight after the departures of his former teammates Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy. Walker shows up on the stat line and in so many other ways that you won’t see. The clips below show you want an intelligent and strategic player he is and not only that but he has the skill and talent to make it in the NFL right now. I feel bad for Baker that he has gotten so close to a National Championship and has not been able to take it home but teams in the NFL will happily employ him as I think he is a lock to make any EDGE/OLB group in the league much better. He’s going to be one of my favs all offseason. Walker finished this game with 5 tackles (2 TFLs), 1 sack, a pass defended, and a forced fumble.