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Ryan Mallett and Landry Jones worked out for backup Redskins QB job

Bring on the scrubs!

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Redskins are in desperation mode at QB right now. Colt McCoy broke his right fibia last night and had surgery on it this morning. Jay Gruden is holding out hope that McCoy will be healed by the end of the month, and the Redskins will still be relevant by then.

The Redskins lost their starting QB to a broken leg three weeks ago which led to the team signing Mark Sanchez to back up McCoy. Now Sanchez is the starter and the team doesn't have another QB on the roster.

Gruden said the team would be working out a few QBs not named Colin Kaepernick today. Two names have been reported, Landry Jones and Ryan Mallett. They will join the 4 other QBs the Redskins worked out with Sanchez(Josh Johnson, T.J. Yates, EJ Manuel, and Kellen Clemens). Gruden wants a QB who is familiar with his system, which was the reason he gave for not bringing Kaepernick in.