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Report: Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen likely safe, changes expected to coaching staff


Washington Redskins Introduce Jay Gruden Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Ian Rapoport reports that Team President Bruce Allen and Head Coach Jay Gruden are likely safe after the season. This is not the news Redskins fans wanted to hear on the last Sunday of the regular season.

Gruden's record is 35-44-1 since becoming the Redskins head coach in 2014. He has dealt with multiple problems that started at the top since getting the job. He has also had 23 players on IR last season and 24 players this year.

These sound like excuses to many fans for a coach with only one playoff appearance that ended in a loss at home in the 1st round. This likely buys him another year, but there will probably be changes to his coaching staff.

Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky will likely have a target on his back and could be replaced. His defenses have fizzled late, and he was publicly called out by D.J. Swearinger(which led to his release). The Jets are expected to fire Head Coach Todd Bowles, and his name has come up as a possible replacement at DC.

Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan is another name to watch. There are rumors he might be ready to move on. Matt Cavanaugh is Offensive Coordinator, but no one really knows what he does on the team. Kevin O'Connell is the teams QB Coach/Passing Game Coordinator and could be in line for a bigger role if either or both of the Redskins top offensive assistants leave.

The big moves this week came when the Redskins jettisoned four marketing executives, decisions that at least involved team president Bruce Allen. If he was in trouble, hard to imagine owner Dan Snyder would have allowed him to make those calls. With Allen likely staying, the thought process is that Jay Gruden would stay as well. And while assistants has been fearful for a few weeks that jobs could be lost, Gruden appears on safe footing -- his team was rolling until the injuries and he’s on his fourth QB. But don’t be surprised if some change is made, particularly on defense. Coordinator Greg Manusky, the object of player frustration, is at risk here.

Rapoport cites the recent purge of 4 business executives hired this year to enact positive change in the Redskins organization as a sign Allen is safe once again.

Owner Dan Snyder also reportedly believes Bruce is vital in getting a new stadium deal done. Recently fired Redskins COO Brian Lafemina was brought in with experience working with stadium deals during his time in the NFL league office. LaFemina is now gone, and the bidding war between D.C., Maryland, and Virginia hasn't happened. The team also hasn't been able to get the approvals needed from Congress to use the RFK Stadium site.

There is a lot of speculation that Bruce Allen will be reassigned to the business side of the organization to focus on the stadium deal. The Redskins lease at FedEx Field isn't up until 2027, but if they stay in Maryland, getting out of that deal sooner will be easier.

If Bruce Allen stays, which never really seemed to be in doubt despite the #FireBruceAllen campaign on social media, he will still have influence on the entire organization. It won't matter what his new job description is, this will not be good enough for a frustrated, angry, and indifferent fan base that is more and more ready to move on.

Dan Snyder lives in an insulated bubble and is reportedly surprised by the fan revolt. He doesn't have a clue what he has done to the organization over the last two decades, and there doesn't seem to be any end to the reign of error. The Redskins continue to make money, but the cracks in the local fan base are getting bigger. Dan Snyder doesn't care, and Bruce Allen will outlast us all.