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Bruce Allen continues winning off the field, New Redskins business executives wiped out


Bruce Allen does not handle change or challenges to his authority well. He also has a magical ability to always find a scapegoat(or multiple scapegoats for his failings as an football executive.

The Redskins made several changes to the business side of the organization this year to attempt to improve the fan and stadium experience. The hirings of people like Brian Lafemina and Jake Bye were seen as moves in the right direction for a franchise that has not been functional in a long, long time.

The delusional season ticket waiting list was gone, attendance was not being announced as sellouts with half empty stadiums, food and entertainment options were improving. The attendance this season started low and improved slightly with more wins, but then Alex Smith broke his leg and the season started to slip away. Losses piled up, fans booed, players bitched, and the circus came back.

Today it is being reported that at least 4 business executives have been either fired or have resigned from their positions. These guys had less than a year to turn around decades of fan erosion, and have been forced out of the worst front office in sports. Bruce Allen has won again, and he is not going anywhere.

The Redskins have a record of 59-87-1 since Buce Allen was hired in 2009.