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[REPRINT] Redskins UDFA profile - Darvin Kidsy, WR/PR/KR, who was signed to active roster today

Kidsy has the ability to stop on a dime and change directions, as well as very good ball tracking ability, excellent hands, and experience as a college return man

Darvin Kidsy was just signed to the Redskins 53 man roster ahead of Saturday’s game against the Tennessee Titans. Kidsy is a UDFA who spent training camp with the Redskins.

While he is a small wide receiver, Kidsy is also a punt & kick return specialist, which is likely why he was signed the same week that Danny Johnson was put onto IR.

The article below is a reprint of a profile originally posted in June.

My versatility and my returning ability separates me. While Playing the Z position in college, I was able to excel in playing slot and work outside as well. As a receiver, I am willing to make a cross field cut off block. I also have short term memory on a not so good play. I can bring excitement and energy to a team. At any given moment, I can make the big play or I can make that tough catch for a first down.

— Darvin Kidsy

Kidsy also joins Quinn and Pierson-El as rookies who will be contenders to back up Crowder at slot receiver. Kidsy could be a surprise winner in that competition as he is faster than and a better athlete than either Quinn or Pierson-El.

-- Gibbs4potus

Follow this link to read a Gridiron Crew interview with Kidsy from December 2017.

Career statistics

The film

Apparently, Northern Texas doesn’t have an ‘all-22’ video option on Youtube. Despite the grainy quality an poor camera angles, Gibbs4potus has done a lot of work on film of Darvin Kidsy.

A bit of background

Darvin Kidsy is an intriguing prospect. He posted great workout numbers but has very little film available on him. Kidsy ran a 4.46-4.50 40 yard dash. He soared to a 41.5” vertical leap and a 10’7” broad jump.

Kidsy didn’t play in 2016, probably due to an arrest for hit and run in January of that year.

For his 2017 season he transferred from North Texas to Texas Southern. I found two game tapes of Texas Southern but the footage was so grainy that I don’t recommend watching them. Kidsy had a huge game vs Houston Baptist though with 8 catches for 200 yards and a touchdown.


Kidsy showed an eagerness to block and threw his body in front of defenders a couple of times. He could be an effective blocker in the NFL but may need to add muscle to his 6’0”, 183 pound frame to be more effective in that role.

Change of direction

Kidsy has an amazing ability to stop on a dime and change directions. This helped him be an effective slot receiver at Texas Southern. He also has very good ball tracking ability and excellent hands catching the ball.

Route running

Play 1

Kidsy showed off nice route running skills also. Here, Kidsy bends his body to adjust as the QB has thrown the ball towards the open area and away from the defender.

Kidsy puts his hands straight up when readying to catch the ball to fool the defender.

Kidsy is able to twist his body enough to extend his arms to catch the ball where the defender can’t get it.

Kidsy secures the ball but goes to the ground short of the end zone.

This was an excellent job of adjusting to the ball by Kidsy. It is a skill that is very hard to teach but very valued by quarterbacks as it increases the window in which they can throw the ball.

Even with this poor video, you can see that Kidsy has burned a defensive back and is waiting on the ball in the front corner of the end zone.

Play 2

Kidsy sets his feet as he waits on the ball.

and makes a beautiful catch with two feet down even though the college game only requires one foot down.

Play 3

Kidsy has an innate feel for playing receiver. On this play, the quarterback has to throw the ball high and over Kidsy’s back shoulder to prevent the safety from making a play on the ball.

Kidsy slows down to set himself equal distance between the corner and safety.

He spins around and high points the football.

Then he lands and makes a quick spin to evade the tackle.

Kidsy plants his left foot to head upfield,

then puts on the brakes again,

and spins out of another tackle.

Kidsy eludes the defender to turn upfield,

but is finally caught from behind.

Punt & kick return ability

Play 4

The Redskins probably signed Kidsy after rookie camp not just for what he can do as a receiver but also because of his return ability. Watching his highlight reel, I saw Kidsy cut up the field quickly, stop and start to elude defenders and cut off of blocks on returns. Kidsy was most successful in the return game as a freshman in 2014 and used much less in that role in later years.

Kidsy shows all of his quickness on this punt return.

He fields the punt & eludes number 19.

Then sidesteps #38 who collides with 18.

52 gets a hand on Kidsy,

But ends up on the ground,

as does another teammate.

Kidsy turns upfield, then leans to his right to set up a block,

and back to his left,

to get by #60.

Kidsy sees two guys to beat,

so he makes a burst for the sideline where he can turn on the jets,

but he gets forced out of bounds after a terrific return.

Play 5

Kidsy was even more deadly on kickoff returns.He has to go to his far left to field this one.

He makes a clean catch,

but has to dangerously turn toward his own goal line to avoid stepping out of bounds,

and comes very close to stepping out with a tightrope act.

Kidsy is able to gather himself and spin back around,

to sprint towards the middle of the field where his blocking waits.

Kidsy dodges a defender to get to the middle of the hashmarks,

where he has to slam on the brakes,

and cut inside of two more would be tacklers,

before continuing across the field,

and into the clear,

for a touchdown.

As you can see, Kidsy has a dynamic skill set as both a receiver and returner. The level of competition he had success against is not close to the top level of college football at North Texas and Texas Southern but Kidsy’s talent is undeniable.

How would he fit with the Redskins?

Return man

There are so many players vying to become the primary return man for the Redskins that it is impossible to make Kidsy a clear favorite.

Martez Carter, Greg Stroman, Danny Johnson, , De’Morney Pierson-El, Kidsy — and possibly Ranthony Texada and Trey Quinn — give the Redskins up to seven rookies, many with good returner results in college, to compete with Byron Marshall, Keith Marshall, Samaje Perine, Chris Thompson, Maurice Harris and Jamison Crowder.

Slot receiver

Kidsy also joins Quinn and Pierson-El as rookies who will be contenders to back up Crowder at slot receiver. Crowder is in the last year of his contract and the Redskins may be looking at possible replacements a year early.

The camp battle

Kidsy could be a surprise winner in that competition as he is faster than and a better athlete than either Quinn or Pierson-El.

The Redskins will have a heated battle for their punt and kickoff return spots and Kidsy will be in the middle of that competition.

I give Kidsy about a 50/50 shot of making the practice squad.

In the unlikely event that he wins the return job, or is looked at as the successor to Crowder, Kidsy would be the 6th WR on the 53 man roster.