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Redskins vs Jaguars: What we learned from the Week 15 matchup

Josh Johnson earns his first career victory as a starter; a great deal for the new Redskins quarterback. What did we learn about him and this Redskins team?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Jacksonville Jaguars Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins stole victory out of the jaws of defeat down in Jacksonville this past Sunday. A tight 16-13 victory, with a 10-point fourth quarter comeback, the Redskins earned their first win of the season in which they trailed in a game overcoming a seven-point deficit. It is time to give credit where it is due, and although the macro issues will remain following the Redskins win, it is undoubtedly a very much needed short-term relief from all the turmoil existing within the organization. Here is what we learned from the week 15 matchup.

Redskins quarterback Josh Johnson will be a sight for sore eyes

The Redskins are on their fourth quarterback this season; ten-year veteran Josh Johnson has been on this roster for all of 14-days with the purpose of backing up Mark Sanchez. Fortunately for Johnson, Mark Sanchez performed exactly how many expected him to, forcing Johnson to get some time against the Giants. He played well enough to earn the starts moving forward, and he played adequately enough against the Jacksonville Jaguars to give the Redskins one last push for the playoffs. His passing stats were pedestrian, just 151 passing yards; however, his mobility in addition to a few throws were playmaker level. Josh Johnson made plays to give the Redskins a chance; he did fumble once but was able to recover. A turnover-less day at quarterback for Washington gave them a chance to win, and they were able to get some things going in the second half thanks to Johnson’s efforts.

From the outside looking in, the players have not quit on head coach Jay Gruden.

From a personal perspective, it is always good when competitors have not thrown the towel in on their season. The season may or may not be lost, but regardless, competing and the love of it is the ultimate purpose behind sports. Last week against the Giants it was evident that the Redskins quit after quarterback Mark Sanchez threw the interception that led to an immediate score for the New York Giants. However, the team did not quit on the season or Jay Gruden; Mark Sanchez had more to do with their mentality than anything else in that game. If one is a fan of the Redskins, it does not matter if you like Gruden or not in regards to this specific conversation. This has nothing to do with his long-term future, but for the short-term, Gruden himself is on trial and has an enormous task ahead of him.

The Redskins defensive performance in Jacksonville may be a confidence booster heading into the final two weeks of the season.

The Redskins defense held the Jacksonville Jaguars to 192 total yards on the day. With 172 yards rushing, 104 of them by running backs, the Redskins initially did a good job eliminating the ground game from Jacksonville. They won up front in run defense and pass-rushing, sacking Cody Kessler six times and holding the Jaguars to 38 percent on third downs. On the day the Jaguars only gained 11 first downs, it was a solid effort. Now, the caliber of quarterback comes into play when assessing the performance of the secondary, as Kessler only had a net passing total of 20 yards. Anyway, there are two weeks left on the season, the question that needs to be asked is simple; can the Redskins defense carry momentum over into the following week(s)?

In spite of their victory over Jacksonville, the Redskins are still in turmoil.

The Redskins won, so this will be short. However, the Redskins organization is failing their fans and stakeholders in general. A promising start to the season, fell through the cracks yet again, leaving fans battered and bruised after all that has ensued since the 5-2 start. There is a more significant issue that remains beyond a potential playoff season, whether or not the season shows promise for the future, to have sustained success bold moves may be needed following the conclusion of the 2018 season.