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Saints Sign WR Simmie Cobbs Off Redskins Practice Squad

NFL: Denver Broncos at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Is it not a good thing that for the past week or so (if not longer) that there have been rumblings about how good Simmie Cobbs is and how he has been progressing on the Washington practice squad?

Well the New Orleans Saints, a playoff contender, think Cobbs has been progressing as well and signed him today.

In the latest chapter of roster mismanagement the Redskins let another promising player get away. Cobbs (6’3, 220 lbs) wasn’t known for his breakneck speed but he produced at a high level during his time at Indiana in college and was known for his reliability and ability to physically outplay his opponent.

Cobbs has a lot to prove on the professional football field of course but letting something happen like this given the circumstances of the roster and position is just plain dumb. You may be wondering why there is even an article about this. Ask yourself, if the Redskins were trying to win how does Jehu Chesson give them a better shot on the active roster than Cobbs?

In a season that is deteriorating at breakneck speed not matter how much lipstick people try and put on this pig its ‘little’ moves like this that really highlight the incompetence of the adults in charge at Redskins Park.