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NFL Power Rankings 2018: Week 15 Edition. How low can the Redskins go?

Where do the Redskins rank going into Week 15 of the 2018 season?

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New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Redskins benched Mark Sanchez for Josh Johnson and were down 40-0 at home to the last place New York Giants. We're at that point in the show.

Where should this week’s Washington Redskins team be ranked?

Highest Ranking: W1: 14 W2: 8 W3: 12 W4: 7 W5: 7 W6: 13 W7: 9 W8: 9 W9: 6 W10: 11 W11: 9 W12: 11 W13: 14 W14: 14 W15: 21

Lowest Ranking: W1: 26 W2: 23 W3: 27 W4: 20 W5: 19 W6: 20 W7: 20 W8: 20 W9: 19 W10:20 W11: 21 W12: 23 W13: 25 W14: 32 W15: 32

Average Ranking: W1: 20.5 W2: 15.5 W3: 22.7 W4: 15.1 W5: 14.3 W6: 16.4 W7: 14.3 W8: 11.2 W9: 9.8 W10: 15 W11: 12.3 W12: 15.3 W13: 17.8 W14: 20.8 W15: 26.2

21. ESPN

Top wish list item: Better health for Alex Smith. Even if he can’t play again because of infection to his broken leg, the Redskins would like to see the quarterback recover for post-football life. Smith remains in the hospital after undergoing multiple surgeries due to the infection. The 34-year-old faces a long recovery, and even if he is able to play again, there’s still doubt as to when that would be and at what level he’d play. So Washington must plan a future without him just in case. At this point, it’s much more about Smith and his family than football. Last Week: 18

21. Sporting News

How hot should the seat be under Jay Gruden? Being ravaged by injuries is one thing; not showing much counterpunch is the other. The Redskins lost what little margin for error they had in the playoff picture. Last Week: 19

22. Fansided

The slumping Redskins, owners of a 6-6 record and losers of three straight games, hosted the improving New York Giants. Still, Washington was in position to sweep this series for the first time since 2011. Mark Sanchez would be Jay Gruden’s third different starting quarterback this season as Colt McCoy broke his leg on Monday night at Philadelphia. The 10-year pro hit on only six of his 14 tosses for 38 yards and two interceptions (1 returned for a score) and was sacked five time before eventually taking a seat. But Washington’s defense had its issues as well as Greg Manusky’s unit had zero answers for Giants’ running back Saquon Barkley. Last Week: 14


Once upon a time, Mark Sanchez got the start in a key game in the NFC East. The Journeyman, as he was known to be called, started 0 for 4, then completed his first pass for 3 yards. After connecting with Adrian Peterson on a monstrous 3-yard heave, his next completion went to the other guys ... and that, kids, is the story of how the Giants got off to a 40-zilch start while Sanchez waited a full half-quarter before throwing a pick-six. OK, so maybe that wasn’t the most gripping yarn. But if Josh Johnson, fresh off not playing any football for three years, leads the Redskins to the playoffs, that might be the greatest f^()&&) football story ever told. Last Week: 18


This has quickly become the most unwatchable quarterback situation in the NFL. From first place to losing out looks more and more likely. Last Week: 19

23. The Score

Josh Johnson needed to play Madden just to learn the names of his new teammates. That’s how quickly this season has deteriorated for Washington. Last Week: 19

24. Bleacher Report

Washington needs a hug.

The Redskins continued their death spiral Sunday against the New York Giants. In fact, the team accelerated it.

It’s not all bad news after the team was blown out by New York. At least Washington fans won’t have to try to convince themselves that maybe Mark Sanchez won’t be terrible at quarterback. After a disastrous performance against the G-Men, Sanchez was replaced by Josh Johnson, who was less awful.

After that? All bad news. Washington, which led the NFC East a month ago, is falling apart. The defense can’t stop anyone. The run game averaged 3.8 yards a carry in Week 14, and Johnson was the team’s leading rusher. Next week in Jacksonville, Johnson will become the team’s fourth starting quarterback of the year.

”Washington’s season is screeching to a halt with Josh Johnson now leading the way,” Sobleski said. “That’s correct. A quarterback who hadn’t previously thrown a pass since the 2012 campaign will be Washington’s fourth starter behind center. What once looked like a promising season is basically over after a four-game losing streak due to a roster decimated by injuries.”

Oh, and starting QB Alex Smith has an infection in his broken leg after multiple surgeries and may never play again, according to ESPN’s Dianna Russini.

A once-promising year has devolved into a catastrophe. Last Week: 18

24. Washington Post

What’s your favorite memory of the Mark Sanchez era as the Redskins’ starting quarterback? Didn’t it seem like it just started yesterday? Last Week: 21

24. CBS Sports(Prisco)

This season is now officially a disaster. The injuries have just crippled this team. Last Week: 18

24. Houston Chronicle

They’ve played four quarterbacks because of injuries, and they keep getting worse. The low point was Sunday’s 40-16 home loss to the Giants. Last Week: 19

25. USA Today

What’s left to say about team that’s demise was largely of its own making — from front office decisions to apparent locker room friction. Last Week: 19

25. NESN

After watching Mark Sanchez go 6-for-14 for 38 yards and two interceptions before being benched, the NFL might want to settle Colin Kaepernick’s collusion lawsuit. Last Week: 19

26. Yahoo Sports(Schwab)

Not only were the Redskins down 40-0 to the Giants, it was a Giants team without Odell Beckham. The good news is this week the Redskins get to face the Jaguars, who might be the least motivated team in the NFL (other than that one strange time against the Colts in Week 13 when they tried). Last Week: 22

27. NumberFire

Last Week: 24

27. OddsShark

Last Week: 24

29. Chicago Tribune

Mark Sanchez played so poorly the Redskins turned to recently signed Josh Johnson. Yes, this season is spinning out of control. Last Week: 20


Winning 34 Percent of Neutral Field SimulationsPROJECTED RECORD: 7-9

They make the playoffs in 5% of simulations. Their chances are down from 81% back on 11/11. Their power ranking is down 14 spots since 10/29. They are not as good as their projected win-loss record would indicate. Their rank based on projected wins is #19. Last Week: 25

31. Sports Illustrated

Last Week: 19

32. Bleeding Green Nation

Washington is hopeless given their awful quarterback situation. They don’t stand a chance. Last Week: 20

32. SB Nation

Last Week: 32

32. Athlon Sports

Getting beat in by the four-win Giants and having to put in recently signed Josh Johnson at quarterback certainly qualifies as rock bottom. Add in everything that’s happened in recent weeks with the front office and you can’t blame fans for avoiding this team like the plague going forward. Last Week: 20

32. Walter Football

Mark Sanchez is back! Mark Sanchez is back! Mark Sanchez is back! Yay yay yay! I can’t wait to make money betting against him!

I wrote this last week. I just hope I can celebrate another Sunday betting against Sanchez soon, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll start again.

The Redskins signed Josh Johnson, but let’s just point out that the Redskins could be making a better choice at quarterback. There’s a signal-caller out there who’s way more talented than Sanchez, or Johnson, or Colt McCoy. We all know who he is. And the Redskins must sign him now.

Please, Redskins. Sign Matt Moore. He’s looking for a home. Last Week: 29


Where should the Redskins rank this week?

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