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Build The Team: CFB Standouts Week 10

Big WRs and lots of linebackers

NCAA Football: Utah at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Darrin Hall, RB
School: Pittsburgh | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Age: 22
Height / Weight: 5-11 / 225 lbs

Darrin Hall ran all over Virginia’s defense this past weekend. This is the second time in two seasons that the running back has rushed for over 200 yards and 3TDs on an ACC opponent, he did it last year against Duke. Hall may be a nice late round option for teams looking for a RB with good size that also has some burst. As you can see if he gets a hole to run through he’ll take it far. Hall is on pace to finish with just under 900 yards and 9.33333 TDs this year. He finished this matchup against Virginia with 19 carries for 229 yards and 3 TDs.

Drew Lock, QB
School: Missouri | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Senior | Age: 21
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 225 lbs

Ah, I’ve been wondering when Lock would return to this series. I wrote about him last year when he put up career numbers against Arkansas. Lock’s senior season has been up and down this year. Much of the criticism around him is his accuracy, consistency, and ability to perform against top defenses specifically in the SEC. He performed pretty well against Florida this week who has been no slouch on defense this season. Lock torched a talented Gator defense and went 24 for 32 with 250 yards and 3 TDs. Throws like you see below is why Lock is likely the top Senior QB off the board in May/April and a probable 1st round pick.

Lil’Jordan Humphrey, WR
School: Texas | Conference: BIG 12
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 225 lbs

Speaking of breakout seasons Lil’Jordan Humphrey has a good chance of going over 1k yards this year which would be a career best. A lot of attention is on his teammate who is another production big bodied receiver but its Humphrey who has actually been slightly more productive to this point. As you may have noticed through the weeks the days of 6-0 / 190 lbs receivers are bygone for the most part. College is producing big, fast, athletic receivers who can play outside or inside and who can run and jump which is changing and has changed the WR position in the NFL. I don’t know if Humphrey will declare because I think Texas could have a good shot at making a playoff run next season but he is definitely a name to watch and to look out for on Saturdays. Humphrey finished this game against West Virginia with 9 catches for 143 yards and a touchdown.

N’Keal Harry, WR
School: Arizona State | Conference: PAC 12
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 213 lbs

While I think the top end talent at WR is lacking this year if any WR prospect had a chance of going in the first round I think it’s N’Keal Harry. Harry has been lauded by draft twitter not only for his athletic skill set and size but for his technical ability. He may be the most refined WR prospect in this draft (if he declares) even though there are still a lot of areas he could clean up. One concern for Harry is his long speed and ability to separate which is sure to be music to some Redskins fan’s ears. I think if Harry goes to a team with a confident QB he’ll produce just fine. What made this performance so special this past weekend is Harry’s totals against a top defense. Utah is ranked 17th in total defense in the FBS which is very good. Harry finished this game with 9 catches for 161 yards and 3 TDs.


Kendall Joseph, LB
School: Clemson | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Age: 22?
Height / Weight: 6-0 / 225 lbs

The Redskins could still use some more young blood at the ILB position and though talent is not as good as it was last season a good mid to late round option could be Kendall Joseph. Joseph no doubt benefits from one of the best defensive lines in the country but he shows good intuition and instincts and has a good set of fundamental skills to work with. One of the knocks on Joseph will be his size and if he can stay in the middle of the defense on teams at the next level. I think he could work on his pad level and getting stronger to help him bring down bigger opponents. Joseph had a good game in a massacre Clemson put on Louisville. He finished with 10 tackles (2 TFLs) and 1.5 sacks.

Check out 2:42, 8:33, 10:39

Julian Okwara, EDGE
School: Notre Dame | Conference: Independents
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 241 lbs

As most of you know already this offseason could be a great one to get a talented EDGE prospect in the draft. If juniors like Okwara declare the position could be quite deep as well. Okwara has the quick twitch and burst you want out of your EDGE and fun fact he has a brother Romeo who is currently a DE for the Detroit Lions and also played for Notre Dame. With so many talented players on defense for Notre Dame Julian Okwara might not have eye popping numbers but trust me he is a force on the field. He had a good game against Northwestern this past week and finished with 6 tackles (1 TFL) and a sack.

Josh Uche, LB
School: Michigan | Conference: BIG 10
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 6-3 / 238 lbs

Josh Uche is the definition of a pass rush specialist. This is will limit his value when he decides to go pro but it should be noted that when he gets home its beautiful. Uche can rush off the edge and from the interior. He doesnt put up a lot of stats since he has this one job, his numbers this year are 11 tackles, 8 TFLs, 7 sacks, and 1 pass defended. Those may not impress you but if Uche goes to the right team which his only responsibility is to get to the QB he will be an effective player in the NFL like he is at Michigan. Uche had a great game against Penn State and finished this one with 3 tackles (2 TFLs), and 2 sacks.

Kenny Willekes, EDGE
School: Michigan State | Conference: BIG 10
College Experience: RS Junior | Age: 22?
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 250 lbs

I have been wanted to write about Kenny Willekes for weeks but sometimes I hold off on players if I can’t find clips to show you guys. Well I finally took to time to go through a whole game video to single out some plays Willekes made this past week. He is one of Michigan State’s best defenders and one of those lunch pail type guys you hear about. He game to Michigan State as a walk on after receiving no offers to play football at the college level. I think Willekes is a decent athlete but his instincts, determination, and ability to somehow just get loose from blockers are what really makes him standout. He’s having a great season and had a great game against Maryland finishing with 6 tackles (2 TFLs) and 1.5 sacks.

Checkout timestamps: 17:55, 1:20:28, 1:48:37