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Jay Gruden Redskins Presser: "You can probably count on one hand how many comeback wins we’ve had since I’ve been here"

Jay Gruden speaks to the media after today's practice

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Jay Gruden answered questions after today's practice. He gave updates on some of the injuries Redskins players are dealing with, talked about the newly signed offensive linemen, penalties, and the upcoming game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Injury updates:

Morgan Moses:

"He worked on the side today with the trainers, so we’ll see.”

Geron Christian Sr.:

"Yeah, he did some good things for his first time out there, you know, kind of threw him out there in the lineup and moved Ty [Nsekhe] inside to guard. But he did some good things. He had some issues from time to time. But for his first game ever in pro football, I think he faired pretty well. Ideally, I’d like to keep Morgan [Moses] at tackle and Ty at tackle but if need be I can play Christian at right tackle and Ty at left tackle or vice versa.”

Jamison Crowder:

Quinton Dunbar:

DeSean Jackson:

“Well I think the big play ability that he has is well documented. I think he’s number one or two in NFL history as far as plays over 40 yards or 50 yards or what have you. That’s where you have to really worry about DeSean. But, Mike Evans is a very good player. [Chris] Godwin is an excellent player. O.J. Howard is an excellent tight end. They’re leading the league in yardage for a reason. They have great weapons and it’s hard to contain all of them. We have to do a good job of getting pressure on the quarterback, which we didn’t do a great job last week against Matt [Ryan]. So, it’s critical that we improve in that area this week.”

New offensive linemen:

"We have to work them both in there and see. Right now, Cooper is a solid left guard option for us. Obviously, Bowanko’s played a little bit also – center and guard. So, they have some experience, which is important. Now, it’s just getting them used to our terminology and the adjustments that we make and our run schemes and the pass protection. Whoever can handle it the best will likely play.”

Adrian Peterson with new OL:

"He just goes through his reads like he normally would. It doesn’t matter who’s blocking for him – at guard, center, tackle, tight end, fullback – if we had one – or receiver. He’s just going to go through his progressions and make his cuts and do what he does. It doesn’t matter.”



"Yeah, you can probably count on one hand how many comeback wins we’ve had since I’ve been here and that’s something that we have to do a better job of and just keep grinding. We tried to get in the game last week but the penalties and some of those things hurt us pretty bad. It’s just a mindset really. You are never out of it until the final gun and we’ve just got to keep playing. I don’t think guys played less hard because we got down, we just didn’t make enough plays to come back and that’s something we have to figure out a way to put our players in position to – A – get the ball back when we’re on defense and B – get the ball in the end zone at a decent rate on offense and that’s something we’ve got to continue to work on.”

Alex Smith:

Trey Quinn:

Trent Williams:

“We just had a walkthrough today so we didn’t do anything. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get a look at him possibly if we start his clock, we’ll see if he’s ready to go. He had his hat on today, looked like he was ready, so I don’t know.”

Jordan Reed’s production:

”Probably in our three game win streak, we didn’t throw, our balance was probably [more] run oriented than pass so he wasn’t getting as many opportunities. There are a lot of factors involved in that. It’s not because he’s not playing well, it’s not because the quarterback is not looking for him, it’s just the opportunities probably haven’t presented themselves and when they have, we didn’t connect for whatever reason. If it was a protection issue or an errant throw or maybe a route issue, so the numbers will come. We’re not worried about fantasy football stats, we’re trying to go through our progressions and if Maurice Harris is the guy open on that play, we’ll throw it to him. If Michael Floyd or whoever it is, we’ve just got to get the ball to the right guy.”