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Daron Payne: Defensive rookie of the year?

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Brett Kollman has just posted a video analysis of Daron Payne and the Redskins defense, and he seems to think that Payne is the kind of transformative player that this award should recognize.

Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Recently, Skinz4Life6 posted a comment that linked to a Brett Kollman video about Daron Payne and the Redskins defense.

I watched the video and came away more impressed with Daron Payne than I had been before I watched it, and with a greater understanding and appreciation for what makes Payne so special.

CLICK HERE: Watch this outstanding video in which Brett Kollman analyzes the huge positive impact of the ‘Bama boys — and in particular Daron Payne — on the Redskins franchise

Some comments from the video

Kollman: “Payne, to me at least, is the new crown jewel of the Redskins defense, and he embodies both everything that the Alabama program is, and what the Redskins want their program to be: big, strong, and salty as hell.”

“I swear if you slapped an Eagles jersey on him and told me he was Fletcher Cox, I would believe you.”

“There are nose tackles that eat space all over the league, and then there are nose tackles that eat you when you come into their space — and that’s Daron Payne. This is the kind of player that transforms the identity, the culture, and the success of a defense overnight.”

“I know we all like to award Defensive Rookie of the Year honors to the biggest stat-stuffers every season, but Payne is the kind of player that helps those stat stuffers get those stats in the first place. This kid is for real, and as long as Washington’s success as a team depends on their defensive line’s ability to be the biggest, meanest, ass-kickingest dudes on the block, I think they’re in pretty good hands.”

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Daron Payne is having a great year and is a huge positive force on the Redskins defense. But nose tackle is not a ‘sexy’ position that gets headlines, accolades or big paychecks.

Washington Redskins v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Still, Redskins fans are known for their devotion to the big uglies, and if any fan base should appreciate a hugely talented nose tackle, it should be the one that embraced (and still embraces) the Hogs as the greatest emblem of our identity.

Brett Kollman clearly thinks that Daron Payne is a transformative player.

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Should Daron Payne be in the conversation for Defensive Rookie of the Year?

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    No. He’s good, but he’s not DROY material.
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