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After The Whistle: More Than Just Fun And Games

The Audible covers a lot of ground this week from the Basement, very little of it on the field.

Oakland Raiders vs Washington Redskins - November 20, 2005 Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images

The Audible Gang made our weekly trek to 1st Amendment Sports Basement Podcast studios with plenty on our minds and with a reminder of heavy hearts. On the anniversary of Sean Taylor’s death 11 years ago, we spent this week’s After The Whistle focused less on the week that was, and more on the years that were. To this day, Taylor’s premature passing has had aftershocks that have rippled though not just the Redskins’ fan base, but throughout the football world and we spent some time reflecting on Sean and his legacy.

Flash forward to the current day Redskins, we had plenty to discuss related to the signing of Reuben Foster, what it says about the way the team views themselves and prompts the question whether or not they care how they’re viewed by others.

We had a lot to unpack in the basement and we appreciate Carol Maloney and Kevin McLinton for offering their two cents and unique perspectives on what are some very real conversations that are likely happening in basements, living rooms, break rooms and bars all around the DMV.

As always, thanks to the folks to tuned in live — as a reminder we’ve shifted our live video coverage over to 1st Amendment Sports’ YouTube page (bye, bye Facebook live!) so go ahead and give that page a follow in order to get involved in the conversation each week. We’re also available on SoundCloud and on iTunes for your easy listening pleasure!