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The Daily Twitter: 24 November 2018

News, links to articles, updates and more from DC area writers and national sports journalists

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Daily Twitter will be posted at the beginning of every day (at midnight in Washington, DC). The goal is to give readers a handy spot to check the Redskins beat writers & bloggers, and national sports journalists to keep up on the latest news about the Redskins, the NFL, and sports in general.

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Head Coach Jay Gruden

”I think as the game went on it must have gotten a little bit worse. I can’t speak for Quinton right now. I know he didn’t finish the game very well and I know he was in some pain there in the very end. This is a unique deal when you’re talking about the nerves. We took some time to try and get him right. He said he felt good. He did some running on his own on Tuesday and Wednesday, felt like he was good to go, and I think that thing just gave him some issues as the game went on.”