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Jay Gruden Redskins Presser: We’re paying Colt McCoy pretty good to be our backup, for a reason.

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Jay Gruden talks to the media as the Redskins prepare for the Cowboys

Washington Redskins v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Jay Gruden spoke to reporters today as the Redskins adjust to Colt McCoy as their new starting QB following Alex Smith’s season-ending leg injury. The Redskins are on a short week as they prepare for Thursday’s away game against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. There were no real injury updates, but no one has been ruled out yet.

Colt McCoy also answered questions from the media. He talked about the opportunity to start, visiting Alex Smith, his last game, and his future. McCoy gets his first start since 2014 this week against the Cowboys.

Injury updates:

Trent Williams:

Amari Cooper:

Josh Norman:

Film review:

Chris Thompson:

Colt McCoy:

How much he knew about QB Colt McCoy before he joined the team:

”A little bit, I didn’t follow him a whole lot. I know he was in Cleveland, but at Texas, he was one of the all-time winningest quarterbacks in the history of college football. You’ve got to have a little bit of respect for the guy to know that he can compete and play. But it wasn’t until we really got him that I got to know him and watch him play and progress, that I thought we have a pretty special guy here in the building. When you have a chance to have two quarterbacks, last year we had Kirk [Cousins] and Colt, this year we had Alex [Smith] and Colt, it’s a heck of a benefit. We’re paying him pretty good to be our backup for a reason in case something like this happens, we feel very comfortable. I’ve seen him out here. I know nobody else has. They probably just remember him playing in Cleveland, maybe a little bit of preseason [and in first year here, but I’ve seen him progress as a player, as a person throughout his stint here. But now it’s a matter of live reps, he hasn’t taken a lot. Last week was the first time he’s taken them since preseason and he didn’t take any last year in the regular season, just in the preseason. So, I think that’s the biggest issue we are going to see, is how he handles the live reps, the entire game plan with the cadence, the protections, all that. It’s just a little bit different than sitting on the sidelines and helping out your buddy. I fully anticipate he is ready to go and I think he’ll have a big day.”

Run defense:

Colt McCoy Presser


Starting opportunity:

Alex Smith:

Josh Doctson pass at end of Texans game:

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