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Daily Slop: Redskins Media News Roundup

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A collection of Redskins articles from around the web

NFL: Houston Texans at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
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That final holding call surprised Josh Norman just as much as it surprised you | NBC Sports Washington
Josh Norman was flagged for a questionable holding call late in the fourth quarter, and he was as surprised as anyone about it.

2018 NFL injuries that shook up playoff picture - How Super Bowl LIII race is shaping up
Alex Smith is out for the season, and Washington's NFC East lead could soon vanish. These are the biggest injuries that changed the NFL landscape.

NFC East Update: Division race tightens as Redskins stumble, Cowboys surge | NBC Sports Washington
When the sun came up Sunday morning, the Redskins held a two-game lead in the NFC East and looked to have a clear route to a division title. By the time the sun went down, a lot changed.

Redskins' Trey Quinn and Jordan Reed were ready for emergency quarterback duty after Alex Smith's injury | NBC Sports Washington
Redskins wide receiver Trey Quinn and tight end Jordan Reed were the emergency quarterback options when starter Alex Smith went down and backup Colt McCoy went in during a 23-21 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday. Reed and Quinn also had big days catching the ball.

Redskins fans experience decline blamed on FedEx Field - Washington Times
This is FedEx Field in 2018. The 21-year-old stadium has become a central character in the story of the Redskins season, as players criticize the fans for a supposed lack of support at home games, fans diss the experience of attending a game there and rumors swirl about where and when the team could move to a new home turf.

Dont fret, Washington - Anything is possible in the chaotic NFC East NFL 2018
Ten games of the 2018 season are in the books, yet we still have no clue how the NFC East is going to shake out.

Joe Theismann reacts to Alex Smith's injury, similar to his own 33 years ago | NBC Sports Washington
Redskins quarterback Alex Smith fractured both the tibia and fibula of his right ankle in the third quarter of the Sunday's game against the Texans, effectively ending his season. Former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, who suffered his own gruesome right leg injury 33 years ago to the day, reacted to Smith's injury.

DeAngelo Hall: Redskins' Jay Gruden would have let Kirk Couins walk to start Colt McCoy | 106.7 The Fan
Washington's head coach 'really, really likes' McCoy, the former Redskins cornerback tells The Junkies.

Report: Redskins not interested in Colin Kaepernick | 106.7 The Fan
The Redskins will work out a trio that does not include the controversial quarterback.