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After The Whistle: Who Are You?

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Washington Redskins v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Will Vragovic/Getty Images

It may not be pretty, but the Redskins continue to maintain some distance (albeit with some help from in-fighting between division rivals) from the rest of the pack in the NFC East. No bones about it, their win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was ugly and is a performance that they can likely ill-afford to replicate on both sides of the football if they expect to come away with more wins, but ultimately the numbers in the leftmost column are more than the one on the right and that’s all that matters.

This week on the Audible we try to answer the unanswerable question: who are the 2018 Washington Redskins? An overachieving bunch that’s playing above their talent level? A group that rises to the occasion and find ways to win ugly? The lucky beneficiaries of a weak schedule? Or perhaps some of all of the above?

On a programmatic note, we’ve made a clean break and are henceforth officially migrating our live video broadcast of The Audible (both After The Whistle and when seasonally appropriate, Offseason On The Brink) from 1st Amendment Sports YouTube channel. We’ll continue to post a link to the weekly show on Hogs Haven’s Facebook page, but we highly encourage all of our wonderful weekly commenters to subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive notifications of when the show goes live.

We’ll see you all back next week from Basement Podcast Studios, so keep on keeping on!