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Redskins at Buccaneers: What we learned from the Week 10 matchup

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Washington responded in a big way with their backs against the wall with a road victory against Tampa Bay. What did we take away from the week 10 match-up?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins responded in a big way this past weekend on the road, beating a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team who, pre-game, presented a vast amount of challenges for the Washington Redskins. A 16-3 victory is not pretty by any means; however, what the Redskins displayed in the outing against Tampa Bay showed that not only is Washington still in great shape for a playoff push, but they were undervalued by many. Here is all of what we learned from the Redskins sixth victory on the season.

Which is more accurate? The 2018 Redskins are a resilient team or are they merely undervalued?

The answer is both, but 60/40 in favor of being more undervalued. When the injury bug hit the Redskins over the past few weeks, a lot of fans and media members thought the train was on the brink of being derailed for the second straight season. Of course, everyone who thought it had the right to think that way, it was the same situation from the previous year with injury tally. Here is the deal though, the Redskins still have to step on the field and play, the season was not over for them, and they had a lot to play for in the vital months of November and December.

The Redskins took advantage of an explosive but generous Tampa Bay offense, forcing four turnovers throughout the game, three being in the fourth quarter. The Redskins were not only resilient, but a better team than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and many people did not know this. The Redskins are an undervalued team.

The Redskins may have a makeshift offensive line as it stands, but the veterans will hold steady with Washington’s scheme and coaching.

Washington’s offensive line consisted of two backups, one free agent who was signed a week ago, a young second-year starter, and an often injured veteran. This makeshift unit produced 116 yards on the ground, which was the bread and butter for this offense, and allowed three sacks. For a group that has not played together at all during the season, they played winning football against Tampa Bay Sunday and did just enough (which is all that matters given the circumstances) to give the Redskins a chance to win.

To put lit lightly, the Bucs were a cakewalk compared to the Redskins next opponent, the Houston Texans. It will be fascinating to see how they follow-up a solid debut against a more robust front of the Texans.

The defense had another lousy outing yardage wise, they gave up a lot but capitalized on a turnover-prone Ryan Fitzpatrick. They continue to be an opportunistic defense.

The Redskins defense forced three Ryan Fitzpatrick turnovers Sunday, but giving the Redskins offense four extra possessions in total throughout the day. This outing was utterly different from the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons game, in which they not only gave up many yards but did not take points off the board consistently. Whether it was by forcing a punt/field goal or a critical turnover, they struggled to get that accomplished. Yes, The Falcons had a mishap in the Redskins territory, the anomaly, however, that was not indicative of their performance throughout the day.

The Tampa Bay game showed that even if the Redskins was going to give up a lot in between the 20s, they were going to force the Buccaneers to be perfect deep in the Redskins territory, and they could not do it. With 18 turnovers forced this year and a plus 11 turnover margin, the Redskins are in good shape, and I am confident they can continue being the opportunistic defense moving forward.