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Ten Yard Fight: Tuesday’s Gone

After a tough loss, the Redskins wake up on Tuesday morning in first place of the division.

NFL: Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
  1. In an effort to bring back an old post I loved doing, here are ten quick thoughts this morning, and I will attempt to get the pulse of the room tonight on The Audible on at least some of these. No sense belaboring the many ways I was WRONG in terms of...ahem...the keys to victory last night. I’ll try and keep it moving quick today. Before I begin, let’s just state the obvious: what happened to the Redskins defense last night on national television would have happened to most of the teams in the NFL. Drew Brees did what Drew Brees does. What the Redskins offense did, however, is another story.
  2. Congratulations, Drew Brees. Seriously. Being the all-time passing leader is awesome, and the dude is a first-class superstar. I have zero ill will towards the man who repeated something to his sons in a nationally televised moment that he tells them every night at bedtime. It’s not Drew’s fault that, armed with the video of this moment, ESPN would do everything but auto-tune it into a viral meme.
  3. I look forward to the announcement that Joe Tessitore and Jason Witten will no longer be in the Monday Night Football booth after this season. I think they are a weak duo to begin with, and while I can see Booger McFarland staying on the field with whomever ends up in the booth, Joe and Jason are so terrible that I watched portions of the game in silence last night. Sure, the Redskins performance did not help, but come on...this is a weak offering from the higher-ups at ABC/ESPN. Witten is a classic “good guy” that “did it the right way” on the field, but there is just no magic in that booth. In case you think I am just cranky after a loss or just being anti-Dallas, I will restate my support for Tony Romo as a TV analyst.
  4. As a Redskins fan, I know exactly what terrible announcing sounds like. For years, when they announced the schedule for gamecalls, we would routinely see the newbies get assigned to call Washington contests (as well as the unfireable lifetime appointees like Dick Stockton). Monday Night Football should not sound like a Washington Redskins vs. Cleveland Browns game from 2008, nor should it sound like an audition tape. And I thought this before...
  5. ...Joe Tessitore got all “Brent Musberger on Katherine Webb” last night. I mean, I get it—you hit the lottery by getting to call the game where the NFL’s new passing king gets crowned. Good for you. But Joe...please give your gamecall another listen. It went well beyond the kind of gushing that regularly—and acceptably—occurs in television booths all the time. Anyone sitting in the sections in front of Tessitore and Witten likely had to don rain gear to deal with the gushing coming out of that booth last night. Joe must have repeated the line Brees said to his kids a half dozen times or more.
  6. Once Brees was sitting firmly on 499 touchdown passes, ESPN was no longer able to film Tessitore from the waist down. It was too much, and I LIVE for record-setting moments like that.
  7. I have always been, and continue to be, a supporter of Josh Norman, but I just don’t understand his actions over the last 24 hours. The Redskins secondary got torched, and he is talking trash to Michael Thomas?!? Initially, I had that Homer Simpson “let’s see where this is going” kind of thought, but it soon became apparent that my man was getting beaten by wide receivers well after the final whistle. It wasn’t a good look, and maybe the best thing I can say about it is that it was a head-scratcher.
  8. Alex Smith missed wide open receivers and Jay Gruden again had the look of a coach unable to find a play-calling rhythm with his offensive personnel. I was immediately transported back in time to the Indianapolis Colts loss as I watched our offense sputter. This makes two games where we looked like world-beaters and two games where we looked like the football version of the television booth duo of Joe Tessitore and Jason Witten (not a compliment if you read the previous points). No, I don’t think Gruden is getting fired. No, I don’t want Gruden to get fired.
  9. I have not yet pulled the protective covering from the panic button on the 2018 season, but...ummmm...and I say this with a genuine curiousity, “How do you survive and succeed in the pass-happiest era of professional football EVER with wide receivers you are literally signing off the street?” I get the irony of running low on wide receivers with a quarterback that has historically not thrown excessively to wide receivers, but my appreciation of the humor there has just about run its course. Alex needs to get on the same page with the guys on the outside as soon as possible, or this season is going to be lost.
  10. All of the negativity associated with losing in the NFL is hitting us hard today, but there is still a fundamental truth to the 2018 season that Redskins fans need to remember: the path to the playoffs runs through our division. The Redskins, at 2-2, are in sole possession of first place and have two of the next three games against divisional opponents who aren’t defending Super Bowl champions. Carolina needed a record kick from none other than Graham Gano to sneak past the New York Giants, so if anyone out there thinks the Redskins can’t hang with the Panthers, they are just stuck in that “I just got run over by Drew Brees” hangover. As I said at the top, Brees can pull that kind of game out of his jock whenever he wants to, but the Redskins offense should have been able to answer more than it did. (And for the love of God...can we PLEASE stop committing penalties on defense at the EXACT wrong moment? Two straight third down penalties kept the Saints offense on the field, which is, you know...bad.)