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A short update on Redskins ‘19 draft picks and projected compensatory picks

With trades, supplementary draft picks and projected compensatory picks, a little clarity about the 2019 draft seems in order

2011 NFL Draft Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

‘Skins started 7 fer 7

The Redskins started out with a pretty straightforward draft situation for 2019 — the team had its own (original) pick in each of the seven rounds.

Two key transactions

But two of those picks have been spent already in 2018:

  • The 6th round pick was used to select DB Adonis Alexander in the Supplemental Draft
  • The 4th rounder was traded away to the Packers this week to acquire 5th year safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Current situation

The net result is that the Redskins have 5 of their “original” picks remaining (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th).

Offseason outflow

But this past offseason, the Redskins allowed a lot of veteran free agents to leave for other teams, while signing only one veteran free agent (Paul Richardson) who counted in the Compensatory Draft Pick formula.

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Compensatory draft pick estimate

OverTheCap, who have a really strong track record at accurately projecting compensatory draft picks, published this cancellation chart to estimate the picks that Washington is likely to be awarded ahead of the 2019 draft:

No team can be awarded more than 4 compensatory picks in one off season, so the Redskins appear to be in line to get:

  • a 3rd round pick (Kirk Cousins to Vikings)
  • a 5th round pick (Trent Murphy to Bills)
  • a 6th round pick (Ryan Grant to Colts)
  • a 7th round pick (Niles Paul to Jaguars)

The league tightly controls draft picks these days

While there may have been shenanigans in the past related to NFL execs trading picks they didn’t have, the league office has, for many years now, had a strict control system in place for tracking draft picks and who owns them.

Compensatory picks are tradeable these days (since the 2017 draft), but not until after they have been awarded by the NFL Management Council. The picks are awarded at the annual league meeting in March, so we have a long wait until the compensatory picks are in hand.

These ‘comp’ picks are used to select players at the end of the designated round, after the 32 ‘regular’ selections have been made.

Projected situation for 2019 draft

Assuming the OverTheCap estimate above is correct, the Redskins should have 9 picks remaining in the 2019 draft, as well as two players currently on the roster as a result of using some of the team’s 2019 draft capital.

Here’s a summary of the nine picks that the Redskins are expected to have in the coming draft:

  • 1st round - ‘regular’ pick
  • 2nd round - ‘regular’ pick
  • 3rd round - ‘regular’ pick
  • 3rd round - ‘comp’ pick
  • 4th round - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix acquired in trade from GB Packers
  • 5th round - ‘regular’ pick
  • 5th round - ‘comp’ pick
  • 6th round - Adonis Alexander selected in the 2018 Supplemental Draft
  • 6th round - ‘comp’ pick
  • 7th round - ‘regular’ pick
  • 7th round - ‘comp’ pick

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