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Build The Team: CFB Standouts Week 9

Lots of WR talent and a lot of athletic LBs

Baylor v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images


Daniel Jones, QB
School: Duke | Conference: ACC
College Experience: RS Junior | Age: 22?
Height / Weight: 6-5 / 220 lbs

You may have heard of Daniel Jones. Rumor has it some NFL scouts really like him. He certainly has the size and he has a decent arm and good accuracy. I will stop trying to figure out quarterbacks as I am not too high on him personally mostly because of his arm and ability to ‘make all the throws’ and his performance against higher competition. But I will not deny that Jones had his best game of the season this past weekend against Pitt. Jones set season highs in passing yards, touchdowns in a game, and rushing yards as he carried Duke to a win. I wouldn’t be shocked if Daniel Jones went quite high or quite low (I really have no idea) in this year’s draft but he is someone you should here more about if he continues to string together performances like this. Jones finished the day 27 of 42 for 396 yards, 4 TDs, 15 carries and 38 rushing yards.

Marquez Stevenson, WR
School: Houston | Conference: AAC
College Experience: RS Sophomore | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 6-0 / 190 lbs

Stevenson missed his entire true sophomore season with a torn ACL. He is back in force this year and is shining in a high powered Houston offense. Stevenson is the Cougars best receiver and receiving leader on the team. This past weekend he had another great game against South Florida in a game where very little defense was played. Stevenson has nice size and quickness and can make men miss on the run. He also has a knack for finding the end zone. With a pair of solid hands it wouldn’t surprise me if he went for over 1300 yards and 12 TDs this year after all he’s already more than halfway there. His stat line in this one was 6 catches for 106 yards and 2 TDs.

David Sills V, WR
School: West Virginia | Conference: BIG 12
College Experience: Senior | Age: 22?
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 210 lbs

I have been following this Will Grier and David Sills relationship since early last season. The two players feed off each other in such a crucial way. Lane Kiffin the former coach of USC offered Sills a scholarship to play QB at the age of 13. Sills skills as a QB never really developed the way they should have and he eventually found his position as a WR at West Virginia. Sills is a possession receiver who I think fits the mold of Jordy Nelson. He is reliable and efficient and after getting a 6th round grade from the draft advisory board last season could make his way into the mid rounds this year. Sills also has the size to be a nice redzone threat and though he doesnt get much separation he can snatch the ball away from defenders if you let him go get it. Sills worked the Baylor defenders this past weekend and finished with 5 catches for 139 yards and 2 TDs.

Zack Moss, RB
School: Utah | Conference: PAC 12
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 5-10 / 215 lbs

Its plain and simple the surge in elite running back prospects who went in the 1st round is all but at an end but aside from Benny Snell I think one RB who has a shot to go early on day 2 if he declares is Zack Moss. It’s funny that in putting together articles where I don’t want you to just take my writing for truth I also want you to see the player’s ability that it is difficult to find clips of a guy with over 2,500 rushing yards and 22 TDs in his career. Nevertheless I hope you take my word in good faith when I tell you not only is Moss very athletic, but he is reliable, strong, and a battering ram at the running back position. What to make a defense succumb to attrition? Run Zack Moss at them for 3 quarters. Moss did just that against UCLA. He finished with 26 carried for 211 yards and 3 TDs.

Zack Moss #2

Kelvin Harmon, WR
School: NC State | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 6-3 / 214 lbs

I don’t know how much of a secret Kelvin Harmon is but I think he should be in the top-100 conversation. Harmon is balling out in spite of an NC State offense that his having trouble consistently running the ball and experiencing up and down performances from their QB. Get the ball in Harmon’s hands and he will do something good. He did just that against Syracuse this past weekend. Syracuses pass defense is nothing to be proud of but when you go 11 for 247 and 2 TDs you are doing something right. Harmon killed them plain and simple. He has an impressive blend of size and athleticism but his catching ability and body control are what set him apart from his peers. If you are an NC State fan their isn’t much to be positive about but you can be proud of Harmon.


Vosean Joseph, LB
School: Florida | Conference: SEC
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 6-1 / 226lbs

Early in the season I featured David Reese, Joseph’s teammate and fellow ILB. Joseph is the better prospect and much more explosive than Reese. He may be a bit light for the traditional ILB role in a 3-4 but in the right scheme he would make a hell of a WILL LB. As you’ll see Joseph has some explosion to him. He’ll have to improve his fundamentals to match his athleticism to start in the NFL. He is pretty good at playing the rush but he definitely has skills rushing the passer from the interior. Florida had a tough matchup against Georgia this week and Joseph did his best to throw off the Georgia offense. He finished with 13 tackles and a sack.

Anthony Nelson, EDGE
School: Iowa | Conference: BIG 10
College Experience: RS Junior | Age: 22?
Height / Weight: 6-7 / 271 lbs

Last week I featured Nelson’s teammate Parker Hesse but this week Nelson gets the spotlight. Coincidentally I first noticed Nelson last year when he played against Penn State for the pressure he put on McSorley. This time around was no different. It was a losing effort but Nelson made his presence felt. At one point he even helped knock McSorley out of the game with a lower leg injury. Nelson is an interesting EDGE prospect. I daresay after Preston Smith and Trent Murphy he won’t be what Redskins fans are looking for but he is no doubt talented. He is likely more at home as a 4-3 DE but his size, strength, counter moves, and motor are all impressive. He finished this game with 5 tackles and 1.5 sacks.

Germaine Pratt, LB
School: NC State | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Age: 23?
Height / Weight: 6-3 / 240 lbs

If you want to hedge your bets in a darkhorse prospect that will get more and more hype as the season continues place them on Pratt. Pratt is putting up 1st round numbers in a P5 conference with consistency. He has especially been on a tear these last 3 games against Boston College, Clemson, and Syracuse. Now I am not calling Pratt a 1st round pick by any means but I do think he will be an excellent value in the upcoming draft. Pratt has decent athleticism but it is his experience, processing, and ability to react that put him on par with more athletic LB prospects. He is great in pursuit and can play the run as well as rush the passer. I will have my eye on him the rest of the way. He finished this game against the Orange with 16 tackles (2.5 for loss), 2.5 sacks, and a forced fumble.

Checkout timestamps: 0:37, 19:03, 19:50

Hamp Cheevers, CB
School: Boston College | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?
Height / Weight: 5-10 / 180 lbs

Last year I badly wanted to write about Boston College safety Lukas Denis. Denis had a career year last season and was one of the best safeties in the ACC in 2017. This year he has not lived up to the bar he set last year. In looking for him to flash I found someone else, Hamp Cheevers. Cheevers is in second place in the nation for most interceptions with 5 and he is fourth in the country in interception return yards with 112. The play of the Canes has been dismal and the Boston College defense, Cheevers in particular took advantage of bad QB play. Cheevers is undersized so I can’t imagine him being higher than a 4th or 5th round pick despite his tape and production. However he is a competitive corner who is a bit better at playing zone than playing man at this point though both skills need improvement. Like out own Greg Stroman he will keep fighting and not give up on a play. I love those guys in the later rounds. He finished this game with 2 tackles, 1 INT, and 2 PDs.

Gary Johnson, LB
School: Texas | Conference: BIG 12
College Experience: Senior | Age: 22?
Height / Weight: 6-0 / 230 lbs

Another athletic linebacker for you all one who’s bread and butter is disruption. Johnson has great speed and quickness. He may not finish all his chances but he certainly can make QBs uncomfortable and can chase down running backs. I think he needs to improve his fundamentals but the physical skills are there. I think a guy like Johnson would be an excellent special teamer to start off his career. He’s had in interesting journey. At one point he was committed to Alabama but had to decommit for academic reasons. He spent the first two years of his college career in JUCO before transferring to Texas. You can see his raw talent. If he can develop and be coached up he could be a diamond in the rough type of player. He finished a losing effort against Oklahoma State with 10 tackles and a sack.