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The Alabama Wall T-Shirts are here!

Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne

Alabama Wall T-Shirts Now Available!

The Redskins have not had a good defense in a long time. They have been using rentals and late round picks to fill the defensive line to very mixed results(Matt Ioannidis we see you balling out). The Redskins double dipped on Alabama defensive linemen in the first round over the last two drafts, and they have been phenomenal together. Jonathan Allen was having a big year, until a foot injury ended his season after 5 games.

Enter 1st round pick Daron Payne this year, and the Alabama Wall was formed for the Redskins. Vernon Davis coined the phrase after the Redskins dominating win over the Arizona Cardinals in week 1, and D.J. Swearinger is making sure we all know who they are. This duo, along with Matt Ioannidis have made the Redskins defensive line one of the top groups in the league and our friends at BreakingT have made this great shirt to celebrate them.

Alabama Wall T-Shirts Now Available!