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Redskins vs Cowboys Jay Gruden Presser: “It’s great to beat Dallas. That’s all I care about.”

Jay Gruden talks to the media after today’s win over the Cowboys

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Gruden talked about the Redskins win over the Cowboys. This is Washington’s first win against Dallas in over two years, and Gruden knows what that means for the franchise. The Redskins take full control of the NFC East at 4-2 with today’s victory.

Beating the Cowboys:

”Oh it’s great to beat Dallas. That’s all I care about. There’s a lot of things you think about. We could’ve done this, we could’ve done that, we could’ve put them away here. But at the end of the day, the only objective was to win the football game and whatever it takes and happy and psyched for our team. They battled.”

First home win vs Cowboys since 2012:

“You’re full of good stats today, aren’t you? [Laughter] It’s great. I know everybody circles this game on their calendar - the fans, the ownership, our building. It’s an important deal, and to not have beat them in my tenure here at home has been obviously disappointing. It’s not for a lack of trying, that’s for sure. It’s important. It’s great. This franchise… it’s the biggest rivalry in the National Football League and to get a win is always special.”

RIP Rich Tandler:

Holding Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott to the second worst rushing total in his career:

”It was very important. You know, it was very, very important. He’s a great, great player and it takes all 11 men on defense to get him stopped. And I think we got that. Our defensive line played outstanding—[Daron] Payne and [Jonathan] Allen and [Matt] Ioannidis. Obliviously, [Ryan] Kerrigan, Preston [Smith]. The linebackers did a great job, safeties did a good job and they had to fill. It was an all-around good tackling effort, but I think we won the line of scrimmage which was key.”

Alex Smith:

“Yeah, yeah Alex is great. He’s a calming influence out there for the guys. He’s a veteran. [He] did some great things tonight, had some duress from time to time. They have an excellent pass rusher over there in Dallas. Didn’t make any mistakes, missed a few throws here and there but that’s to be expected when you have a lot of pressure on you, a lot of heat on you like the Dallas front did. Good coverage. So overall, I’m pleased with his performance.”

Ryan Kerrigan:

“You know, I don’t need to motivate Ryan Kerrigan with conversations and talks. I know that I am going to get his best efforts every game. The numbers aren’t there, but his presence is felt, he pushes the pocket, he’s very good against the run. You see him setting the edge out there which enables our defensive line to continue under gap control, and make tackles, and let the linebackers flow freely. He made a huge play tonight with the sack fumble. Ryan is a great player and doing some great things this year, despite his sack total. We’ll let that statisticians figure all that out, but I know he’s a great outside linebacker and defensive end for us.”

Adrian Peterson:

“Yeah, he was great, except for his last lateral on the one-yard line. Didn’t yell at him for that yet. He’s great, he’s stretching it and sticking his foot in the ground, breaking tackles. Protecting the football which is most impressive with his shoulder injury that he has and that he is fighting through. Adrian has been a big lift for us without a doubt. We are 4-2 and he is big a part of it. So, we just have to keep feeding him. When Chris Thompson gets back we will be able to take a load off of him. But very pleased with the way he’s playing.”

Expectations for AP then and now:

“Yeah, like I said, we didn’t have many expectations. We weren’t expecting him to be on our football team until we had a couple injuries, then when we got him, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I know that he looked great in the workout and obviously looked good in the preseason, and then we just had to wait and see. He’s a Hall of Fame running back, so I know he has the talent, just a matter of whether or not he can stay healthy and be productive over a certain amount of time. He’s showing that he can. He’s a physical freak, he’s in great shape, I don’t see him slowing down. But when we get Chris Thompson back, maybe we’ll take a little bit off of him as the season goes on, but it’s hard to because he wants the ball, he’s hungry, he’s strong, he’s fast and loves to play. We’ll see how it goes but he’s made a major impact for this football team.”


“I think the defense played outstanding and we need them. They’re very good. Coach [Greg] Manusky is doing an excellent job, the whole staff over there is doing a great job. I like the way they’re playing with great effort. Offensively it’s going to come. I’m not worried about the stats, third quarter shortage or whatever, all I’m worried about is winning the football and we’ll address whatever issues we have to tomorrow with some corrections we need to make. When you walk out of a game, beating the Dallas Cowboys at home, the last thing I’m going to criticize anybody in the third quarter.”

Windy FedEx:

Kapri Bibbs:

“He’s held the fort down very nicely. He’s a good all-around player and done a good job for us. So it was a big catch for him on a screen pass, Brandon Scherff made an unbelievable block on that play that set him free. Glad he’s getting to work. Obviously been a big lift since Chris [Thompson] is out. The receivers - [Brian] Quick and [Michael] Floyd - made some plays and I think Josh Doctson had an excellent game, made some big catches on some second-and-long plays. Missed a couple but overall I think those guys stepped up when a lot of critical players were missing. Thompson, Paul [Richardson] and Jamison [Crowder] are some key guys on offense so I was glad to see those guys step up.”

D.J. Swearinger:

“He’s been very vocal. And he’s backed up his vocal-ness - if that’s a word - with his play, and he’s very good. He’s communicating the defense and I think people don’t understand that Montae [Nicholson] and him didn’t play at all last year, other than a game or two. Them together now playing for six weeks in a row, you can see them getting more comfortable with their communication. Now we’ve just got to get our corners on the same page, which they’re playing extremely well right now despite losing [Quinton] Dunbar tonight and obviously Fabian [Moreau] there at the end of the game. But Swag is the leader back there communicating, Josh [Norman] does an excellent job, and they’re playing well.”