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FANPULSE - Redskin & Cowboy fans both predicting victory; somebody has to be wrong

With both teams alternating wins & losses this season, and both teams having won last week, something’s gotta give

Weekly predictions by Redskins fans:

Week 1 at Cardinals = +6 (actual +18)

Week 2 vs Colts = +9 (actual -12)

Week 3 vs Packers = -5 (actual +14)

Week 5 at Saints = +4 (actual -24)

Week 6 vs Panthers = +2 (actual +6)

In 5 games so far this season, the Redskins fans have only correctly predicted the winner in 2 games via the FanPulse vote, and in each, the fans estimated the margin of victory at only about 13 of the final result.

Carolina Panthers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Redskins fans are 2-2 in weeks that they have predicted victory; 0-1 when predicting a loss.

This week, the Redskins fans voting in the FanPulse survey have predicted a 6-point margin of victory. The results of the previous 4 victory predictions suggest that one of two things will happen: the Redskins will win by 18 points or lose by a double-digit margin. Either outcome is equally likely based on the short history of Redskins fans predictions we have to deal with.

But when we factor in the “thinking” of Cowboys fans, the picture becomes much clearer, and clearly points to a Redskins victory.

What are the Cowboys fans thinking?

Cowboys fans are also predicting victory, but by a margin of 3 points. Someone’s got to be wrong, and FanPulse history suggests it’s the Cowboys.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What is the track record of the Cowboys fans in the FanPulse poll?

Week 1 at Panthers = +6 (actual -8)

Week 2 vs Giants = +4 (actual +7)

Week 3 at Seahawks = +6 (actual -11)

Week 4 vs Lions = -1 (actual +2)

Week 5 at Texans = +4 (actual -3)

Week 6 vs Jaguars = -5 (actual +33)

Dallas fans are 0-2 predicting losses, and only 1-3 when predicting wins. All in all, the Cowboys fans are 1-5 in predicting the outcome of games this year.

In fact, the only game they’ve correctly called all year was the Week 2 victory against the Giants in Dallas, which swings the odds — odds based on FanPulse prediction history — strongly in favor of the Redskins.

There are a few other trends that support the idea of an imminent Redskins win.

  • The Cowboys are 3-0 at home this year, but 0-3 on the road. This game is at FedEx Field.
  • The Cowboys have lost in every ‘odd’ week of the season, and won in every ‘even’ week. This is Week 7.
  • The Cowboys have lost to 3 teams this season - the Panthers, Seahawks and Texans. All three teams are ranked in the top-11 in the NFL in Points Allowed per game. The Redskins rank 8th, ahead of both the Panthers and Texans.
  • The Redskins have beaten 3 teams this season — the Cardinals, Panthers and Packers. All three teams are in the bottom half of the league in Points Scored per game. The Cowboys rank 26th, below both the Panthers and Packers.


How confident are you about a Redskins victory on Sunday afternoon?

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