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The Redskins Passing Game Woes - Who’s to Blame?

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The departure of Kirk Cousins and the trade for Alex Smith this spring left most fans a bit bewildered. Some thought Alex’s leadership, intelligence and athleticism would be a better fit for Jay Gruden’s system, while others thought the 33 year old was too cautious and didn’t like to take shots downfield.

So far in the early portion of the season, the Alex Smith experiment has been a bit up and down. He hasn’t made plays in some ugly losses, and he’s been a bit too careful with the football, and a tad bit gun-shy in the pocket, when he’s had the opportunity to further the lead or rally the troops during games.

Below are a few videos I’d like to point out from the Panthers game where I feel Alex may have left some plays on the field. You’ll see my commentary below the video in the tweet.

This first play is just an illustration of the RB and TE not being on the same page here. This could be because Bibbs has not been working with the first team offense for that long.

This is just a late read by Alex, and a play where if he sees it sooner, he can put the ball on Reed and allow him some RAC.

Doctson was open on this play against a cover 2 look. Smith waits too long and misses his target.

Totally unacceptable, especially at this point on the field. Take what the defense gives you and put it in Hopkins’ hands.

This is one of the plays that infuriated me the most during he game. Alex is looking right at Richardson. Pull the trigger!

You have to understand coverage, and you must know where your checkdown is. A quick flip of the wrist, and this should be a first down.

Wow, does Vernon Davis come open in the middle of the field!

So, it appears Josh Doctson can get open...

Alex needs to take a shot somewhere here. No whistle means this is a free play!

This type of play is what Alex did well in KC. Misses a read here.

...And here’s what that play SHOULD have looked like!

The passing game to this point has not hit on all cylinders. I don’t know if Alex is to blame, the receivers are not running the right routes, or the coaches are not calling plays to Smith’s strengths. Maybe it’s chemistry - with both Alex and his receivers and the offensive line.

Do you think the Redskins are leaving a bit on the field in the passing game?


Who’s mostly to blame for the Redskins early season passing woes?

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    Alex Smith
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    Jay Gruden
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  • 12%
    The receiving corps
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    The offensive line
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