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WATCH! Redskins vs Panthers: Josh Norman forces two 1st half turnovers

Josh Norman is having a day

Arizona Cardinals v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Josh Norman was not having a good week coming into today’s game. He reportedly got benched at the start of the 2nd half on Monday night vs the Saints for not taking his headphones off during Jay Gruden’s motivational speech. That same report also said coaches were frustrated with him, there have been reports of him freelancing in the secondary, and that Norman has gone “Hollywood”.

Norman has responded on the field today and is having a great first half. Norman caught a wobbly interception from Cam Newton. The Redskins couldn’t capitalize on that turnover, going 3 and out and punting to the Panthers. Norman showed up on the next drive and did his version of the Peanut punch on D.J. Moore, causing the fumble which was recovered by Mason Foster. The Redskins were able get a field goal from that turnover going up 17-0 over the Panthers.

This was Norman’s first INT since Week 16 of 2016, and his first forced fumble since Week 2 last year.

Is Josh Norman ok now?

Josh Norman Interception

Josh Norman “Peanut Punch” forced fumble