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Put Yourself in Dan Synder’s Shoes...

NFL: Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Since we have been seeing so many doom-and-gloom articles lately (and can you blame us), I figured I’d come up with something a bit fun and interactive for our readers to participate in.

This article has everything to do with our community here at Hogs Haven. So, in the spirit of change here in Redskins Nation, I want you to re-organize the Skins front office, and staff... with members from our Hogs Haven community.

Basically, you are the owner, and you are tasked with hiring your lieutenants to run the show.

The positions are, but not limited to:

General Manager - Responsible for hiring and firing of coaches, scouts, etc - runs draft and has total control of the 53 man roster.

Public Relations Director - The unheard voice of the Redskins. You shape and mold the team image through all public contacts.

Vice President of Football Operations - Basically, this person is in charge of player contracts and the salary cap.

Director of Pro Personnel - Oversees the direct scouting of opponents.

Director of college scouting - Head of the scouting department.

Head Coach - Runs the show on the field.

Head Athletic Trainer - This person handle all the injuries and rehab.

Strength and Conditioning Coach - Runs the S&C program.

Give us your choices to fill these positions with members of our community in the comments section, and tell us why, in either a serious or humorous way, you chose that person for that role.

Be nice...and have fun.