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Offseason On The Brink: Carol Maloney Shows Us How A Professional Operates

The Audible was fortunate enough to share the Basement with a D.C. sports reporting icon this week

Carol Maloney joins The Audible for Offseason on the Brink
Matt Seal Photography

After a week on the road, the Audible gang returned back to Basement Podcast Studios for our third installment of Offseason on the Brink. This week we were joined by a very special guest and local sports icon, Carol Maloney, formerly of WRC NBC Washington. If you follow D.C. sports, Carol is a mainstay, having served as the host of the Sunday morning “Redskins Showtime” show, in addition to hosting other pre- and postgame Redskins shows, all while reporting on local teams and serving as a sports anchor. Before that, she spent eleven years covering sports in the Washington area for Comcast SportsNet, and as beat reporter for the Capitals, Orioles and the Maryland Football team while also covering in-game/sideline reporting for them.

Carol was kind enough to put up with our shenanigans and shed some light on her thoughts on the Redskins offseason, including (but not limited to!) how she believes the impending Kirk Cousins contract situation will play out.

It’s not every week that we have the chance to someone who has had the amount of insider access that Carol has over the last six years at Redskins Park (and throughout the DMV.) It was a real treat to hear about what it’s like behind the curtain. Anyone familiar with the team knows how much they strive to “control the narrative” but to hear it from Carol’s first hand experiences certainly was an eye-opener.

In additional, Carol was kind enough to reflect on some of her favorite and most memorable experiences covering the Redskins, who were her favorite folks to chat with on the beat, and what she’s doing while preparing for her next gig. We want to thank Carol for showing us how a professional sports reporter operates, and for bringing some extra class to Basement Podcast Studios this week!