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Super Bowl Moment That Will Never Die

Redskins fans will never forget John Riggins shedding Don McNeal for a game-sealing touchdown run in Super Bowl XVII.

Super Bowl XVII Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images

We’ll have three themed Super Bowl posts over the next week and a half, with the first one dedicated to “best Super Bowl moment.”

As a Redskins fan, we have some choices. Despite the last 20+ years of Super Bowl-spectating, the Redskins have played in five NFL championships in the Super Bowl era. Three Lombardi Trophies provide ample territory to search and find top-tier memories.

From Doug Williams launching the ball to Ricky Sanders, or handing the ball off to Timmy Smith, to Mark Rypien rolling out behind the Hogs to cement the 1991 Redskins status as the Greatest Redskins Team of Joe Theismann handing off to The Diesel—the memories may be well-buried, but they are still accessible. (I used a black-and-white photo above, but please believe me that this game was played in color.)

On FOURTH DOWN, the Redskins needed one yard to keep the drive going against the Miami Dolphins. Down 17-13, the Redskins opted to go for it, dialing up “I-Right 70-Chip.” The Dolphins cornerback Don McNeal put a body on John Riggins right around the line of scrimmage, allowing himself to be posterized forever by The Diesel’s stiff-arm. The ensuing 43-yard rumble into the end zone put the Redskins on top of the game for good, and if you listen hard enough, you can still hear the entire DC region going nuts.

Until Washington gets back to the dance, I am not sure we will see a moment get anywhere close to this one. If you disagree with this, let me know below. Otherwise, let’s begin the discussion for second-best Super Bowl moment of all-time in Redskins Nation.