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Billy Price would be a 10-year starter at guard or center for the Redskins

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2018 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Michigan State at Ohio State Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Billy Price, OG/C
School: Ohio State | Conference: BIG 10
College Experience: rSr | Age: 22?
Height / Weight: 6-4 / 312 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 1st Round
NFL Comparison: Alex Mack

College Statistics


Player Overview

Billy Price is the best center prospect in this draft and possibly the best center prospect that has entered the NFL in quite some time. Price almost didn’t make it to this point though. During his freshman year, he was extremely homesick and thought about transferring from Ohio State to be closer to his home in Youngstown, Ohio. Price has said he hated his freshman year so much because he was initially on defense and didn't develop the relationship with the coaching staff he wanted. Price pleaded to Urban Meyer to switch him to offense. Meyer did and Price has blossomed as both a guard and as a center. Price is such a consistent and quality player that he broke the record for consecutive starts this season at Ohio State with 51. Price was also the winner of the Rimington Trophy this year following in the steps of his peer Pat Elflien (now of the Vikings).

Price is the most technically sound lineman in this draft, he is the most experienced, he is the most consistent. He is a bulldozer in the run game and a stout protector in the passing game. He shows great movement, extension, punch, and footwork and will likely be a multi-time Pro Bowl selection. Price also brings versatility to the position having played both left guard and center and played both well at Ohio State. Any team looking for the safe homerun pick to solidify their line will have Price near the top of their draft boards.


  • Technically sound prospect. Great hand placement on almost every snap. Extends and controls his man with his strength and leverage. Able to fight off under and over moves and handles power and speed well. Rarely misses and can make quick work of a defender with a well-placed punch.
  • A smart and cerebral player that understand schemes, blocking concepts, and gets everyone in position.
  • Wins at the point of attack with initial quickness. Solid anchor and has good athleticism to pull and to move to the second level.
  • Looks for blocks. Very good at combo blocks and will help out teammates. Leg power, drive, and balance are all impressive, especially in the run game.
  • Cornerstone of Ohio States offensive line for the past two years with his consistent and reliable play. The middle of the pocket was always protected.
  • Versatile and can start at both guard and center.


  • No elite level athleticism wish he were a bit quicker in space.
  • Would have liked to see more nasty on film.

Let’s see his work:

More Billy Price videos

How He Would Fit On The Redskins

As the title strongly implies Price would be a plug and play starter at either guard or center on the offensive line for a long time. Price would fit well in the Redskins power run scheme because of his ability to drive men off the ball and get to the second level. The Redskins need help on both sides of the trenches so it will be interesting where the team has top-ranked offensive linemen on their board in relation to top defensive linemen. As solid as I thought Spencer Long is/was at center I think Price already exhibits the skills that would make him a better candidate for the position. The same sentiment is doubly true for the left guard position. It would be interesting to see what the coaches could do with a player that is already so technically proficient - I’m not sure they could teach him to move faster or to be meaner.

It would certainly draw the ire of some fans to select an offensive position in the first round again given the teams offensive needs. They would cite the need for a difference maker on defense, a consistent player, the quality of play of the unit as a whole and the need to improve depth at the position because of all the injuries we saw last year. That's a good argument. I can make it for the offensive line as well. Drafting Price may not be exciting, it would be safe, but it would drastically improve the team.