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Super Bowl 2018 Prop Bets

What’s the bet?

NFL: SEP 11 Saints at Vikings Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Pump Up the Fun at Your Super Bowl 52 party

It doesn’t matter if you hate the two teams playing in the Super Bowl, if you are an NFL football fan, or you watch the game and cheer for the team you hate most to lose. But, there are a lot of other things to cheer for while watching the Super Bowl. And these things can be a great way to spice up your Super Bowl party with office pool-like action.

So Many Props!

Last year, Westgate listed betting odds for 400 Super Bowl props! The crazy thing is that there were well over 500 when you include listings by sportsbooks around the world. So far, the list of Super Bowl 52 props is still short because we don’t yet know who’ll be playing(Vikings vs Patriots is the favorite). But some of the usual suspects are already available.

We know for a certain that the National Anthem will be sung by Pink, so those odds are already on the boards and the line is a bit surprising. Bovada has set under two minutes at even money, while over two minutes is at –140. This means to win a dollar, you have to wager a $1.40. Because the risk to reward ratio is higher for the anthem to go over two minutes, we have to assume that Las Vegas and other bookmakers believe that Pink is going to drag the song out!

Going over all the Anthem times since Super Bowl 40, the average time is 2-minutes-18.6-seconds. We could say this is largely due to Alicia Keys going on and on for 2:35 in Super Bowl 47, But Billy Joel only sang for 1:30 in Super Bowl 41. Also, the last three performers went over the two-minute-mark: 2:04, 2:09, and 2:04 again. So how long do you think Pink will sing for? Will she drag it out and keep everyone standing … or will she power through it like a rockstar? But wait … there’s more! Super Bowl 51 had Anthem lines such as will Luke Bryan be wearing a hat when he appears on screen? Will he forget or omit any words? Will any players be sitting or kneeling during the Anthem?

There are other fun Props that we know will be on the boards. Like, the color of Gatorade to be poured on the winning coach when the clock hits zero in the 4th quarter (last year was a push). The odds on who will win Super Bowl MVP are already out. Here’s a little hint … it’s mostly New England players. And politically-based props like, how many times will Trump be said during the broadcast, who will Donald Trump pick to win the game, and what will be higher: Brady’s rushing yards during the game, or the length in minutes of Bill O’Reilly’s Trump interview? SBR will be creating an up-to-date database of all of the Super Bowl Props as they are released, so that you can track the most interesting Super Bowl 52 props and find out where to bet them or just use them to have some extra fun at your Super Bowl parties.

Some past Super Bowl props that I really like involve the half-time show. Like, will left shark make an appearance, and what is the first song that will be played by the performer. And thanks to Janet Jackson, we usually see a line for: will there be a wardrobe malfunction?

No matter who plays in Super Bowl 52, we can find about 400 more ways to make the game interesting!