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A Look at the Redskins 2018 Off-Season - What Would Scot McCloughan Do?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Many Redskins fans like to live in the past (I am often one of them). The glory days of the 80’s and early 90’s were good times! Joe Gibbs, the HOGS, the counter trey, the H-Back, the Fun Bunch... who could blame us.

When it comes to 2018, many are absolutely petrified about Bruce Allen running the show for the off-season. Will he or won’t he sign Kirk Cousins? What types of free agents will he bring in? Who will he draft?

Fans look back fondly on the two years when Scot McCloughan was running the off-season. Sure, some of his moves were a bit head-scratching, but he was a scout, true-and-true, and he was just a “football guy”.

So let’s assume McCloughan was still in charge. He buckled, and made Kirk the highest paid player in the league on a new 5-year long-term deal. What would the rest of the off-season look like?

Free Agency: We know Scot was a big believer in the draft. He liked to draft talent, and develop that talent. He used free agency to fill in the gaps, and only seemed to spend big in the defensive backfield.

Here are the players I think he may have re-signed/targeted:

Redskins Free Agents:

Kirk Cousins - 5 years, $140 million ($21 million cap hit in 2018)

Spencer Long - 4 years, $18 million ($4 million cap hit in 2018)

Zach Brown - 3 years, $15 million ($4 million cap hit in 2018)

Mason Foster - 3 years, $10 million ($3 million cap hit in 2018)

UFA’s from Other Teams:

Sammy Watkins - WR LAR (24)

Jack Mewhort - OG IND (26)

Star Lotulelei - DT CAR (28)

2018 NFL Draft: McCloughan loved drafting seniors with experience from big conferences in the first round. In fact, of the 22 first round draft selections he was either directly or indirectly a part of in his various front-office jobs, only four were underclassmen. Although he historically favored players from the SEC and BIG10, he did not seem to have a preference for a specific conference with his first round pick. Scot also drafted for talent, and was more about taking the best player available, than simply looking to fill a need.

Below is a look at how our first three round might play out:

Round 1: Harold Landry Senior EDGE BC (6’3” 250)

Round 2: Nick Chubb Senior RB Georgia (5’10” 225)

Round 3: Marcus Allen Senior S PSU (6’2” 207)

How do you feel about this proposed off-season? Does it give you the warm-and-fuzzies all over again?


Grade the Redskins off-season moves in this scenario.

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