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Redskins v. Eagles Staff Picks: “Living In Interesting Times”

After a long “interesting” offseason, it’s time to make some Week 1 predictions

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

There is an old expression of indeterminate origin (I Googled it): "May you live in interesting times." The gist of the seemingly innocuous phrase is itself ironic, that to live in uninteresting times would imply calm and stability, while "interesting times" would indicate chaos and turbulence.

This offseason (though not necessarily differentiated from past ones) we have lived in interesting times. Since the Redskins fell in week 17 against the Giants last year, the Redskins have been on a bit of a rollercoaster. However, the ride is not a hulking metal construction at a large theme park, but rather more closely resembles a hastily constructed carnival or state fair temporary attraction. The relative highs that included a bumper crop of defensive rookies in the draft and Jay Gruden’s re-signing were offset with controversies: Scot McLoughan’s unceremonious ouster, the continual delaying of the inevitable Kirk Cousins contract resolution, and S’ua Cravens’ "Will he? Won’t he?" retirement rumors.

Perhaps though, in light of, say, the last two decades of Redskins operational folly it feels less like a roller coaster and more like a Gravitron ride, where the constant spinning motion has the sensory effect of no motion at all. If everything is whiplash inducing, then maybe in fact nothing is at all.

All of this is to say that I for one am thrilled that the season is set to begin and with it, the opportunity to tune out the noise and to see if the Redskins can reward the fans’ loyalty, or at least attentiveness with positive results. As the 2018 season kicks off, maybe we can live in interesting times and have that not be such a bad thing.

Last season we began (sometime around week 11) to make weekly staff predictions on each Redskins game. This season, we’re back at it, though starting in a slightly more timely fashion. Like the football team we follow and write about, we are all undefeated. I will be keeping track of our individual performances to see if we actually know anything practical. So without further ado, our picks:

Bryan H. Stabbe: 27-20, Redskins
Lots of new faces for both of these teams and some cautious optimism about what they might bring. The Eagles one again transformed their running game bringing in LeGarrette Blount to pound it out on the ground, allowing for Darren Sproles and Wendell Smallwood to open things up with their speed. Jonathan Allen has said and done all the right things in his first training camp, and will have his hands full but should wreak havoc in the backfield while the Redskins eek out a one-score win.

Tom Garrett: 20-17, Redskins
It's Week One, so who really knows?  I think the offense will struggle at times but make just enough plays to keep Washington in the game.  Ultimately, a reinvigorated and formidable pass rush will be the difference in a close Redskins win.

Bill-in-Bangkok: 31-23, Redskins
Carson Wentz finally gets to meet Junior Galette and renew his acquaintance with Ryan Kerrigan... several times.

iH8dallas: 24-17, Redskins
Preseason woes are overblown and for weenies. The offense is still a machine. The defense added the best defender in the draft, Junior Gallete, DJ Swearinger and Zach Brown. Plus, Wentz isn't that good. I've never seen people get so hard up over 18 TDs, 14 picks and a sub-80 passer rating. Those numbers were the Reagan Administration.

HogHunter 27-24, Redskins

Week 1 games are Jay Gruden's weakness, so hopefully he can kick the habit of having his team look completely unprepared for a preseason game in the first week of the regular season. I'll give the good guys a win here, but this one will be ugly.

HTTR4LIFE: 27-21, Redskins

Now it’s your turn to give us your predictions. Vote for who you think will win the week 1 matchup against the Eagles, add your pick to the comment section below, and share who you think will win and why.


Who will win the Redskins’ week 1 matchup against the Eagles?

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    Washington Redskins in a blowout
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    Washington Redskins in a close game
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  • 17%
    Philadelphia Eagles in a blowout
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  • 28%
    Philadelphia Eagles in a close game
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