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Hating with H8: Kansas City Chiefs Edition

iH8dallas looks at week 4 opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I’ve started the past couple ‘Hating with H8’s’ by grabbing the Festivus Pole and airing a grievance against the Redskins. I gotta say, not a whole lot to bitch about this week. Ol’ Jay really seems to be sticking to this whole run the ball thing. But I’ve got my eye on you, Redskins. Don’t you go and get our hopes up and then do something stupid.

This week, instead of ragging on Jay, I thought I’d throw in my two cents on some of the pure stupidity that this past week of football has produced.

In particular, I’d like to focus on this one Redskins fan, who you may or may not have seen on social media, burning hats and windbreakers.

*Roll the All-22

This fucking guy. First of all, the Hogs were formed in 1982, not 1975. CHECK YOUR FACTS!

And he believes the NFL was based on “values” but somewhere along the line got derailed. Values like hiding research on brain damage, gouging fans for parking and concessions, butt-fucking tax payers so billionaires can get stadiums, so on and so-forth.

But go on sir.

“I came to watch football. I came to watch an American team win in one of the greatest sports in the world, football. But what I end up seeing and rubbed in my face, but not only from the players on the team, the overpaid players on the team, but the announcers in the booth that continually rub the protests in the face of the American people. I’ve had enough.”

I get it. You don’t want people rubbing their politics in your face. That’s cool. It can and has gotten really obnoxious in this country.

So when you take off your Redskins jacket to douse it in gasoline I surely wouldn’t expect to see a....

YUP! That’s a t-shirt with Donald Trump’s face on it. God damn.

Oh and he also is mad that the team didn’t come to his Superbowl he burned some napkins.

What else can you really say about this?

Onto this week’s game against Kansas City, where their idea of BBQ is ketchup on ribs.

I’m having a really hard time beefing with the Chiefs fans. I went over to Arrowhead Pride to get a feel for the diehards. For the most part they’re reasoned, polite, not really in a hurry to draw conclusions and get ahead of themselves. They’re the equivalent of Andy Reid’s 2-minute drill.

And I know their fans are all jazzed up about Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce, but believe you me, this will end soon. As someone who watched Andy Reid’s teams for a long time, I can tell you he’s used all the cool plays already. It’s fullback dives and shovel passes to left guards from here on out. Then it’s press conferences ending with “I should have coached better.”

My prediction for this week...the Redskins defense treats the Kansas City offense like Tyreek Hill treats a pregnant girlfriend. Skins win 33-20.