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Redskins vs Chiefs Injury Report: Three more starters limited today

Jay Gruden gives updates on injuries, the Chiefs, and more

NFL: Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden spoke after today's practice and talked about the upcoming gane against the Kansas City Chiefs. The team will play at Arrowhead Stadium on Monday Night Foorball.

He gave injury updates that included a few new players. D.J. Swearinger and Jamison Crowder were limited today after tweaking their hamstrings. Jonathan Allen was also limited after tweaking his shoulder.

Also limited today were LB Mason Foster, RB Rob Kelley, and TE Jordan Reed. All three starters missed last week's game against the Raiders. The Redskins hope to get all three back for Monday night's game.

Redskins vs Chiefs Injury Report:

Jay Gruden Presser

Kirk Cousins:

Injury Updates:

"Yeah, they’re just limited, that’s what they are. They tweaked their hamstrings a little bit yesterday, Crowder and Swearinger. Allen tweaked his shoulder a little bit today.”

Chiefs LB Justin Houston:

“He’s a little bit different than what we saw last week with Khalil Mack. He’s a talented pass rusher, got a little bit different style, got more power, but he’s very effective. Base defense, he doesn’t rush a whole lot, he drops a lot, but when he does, he’s a force. In nickel and sub defenses, he does a good job lining up over both sides and over guards. Very effective pass rusher, strong, got good knack for where the quarterback is. He can transition his rushes a lot of different ways –inside moves, outside moves, power. Very similar, man. We’ve got to give our best pass sets when he’s in there.”

Primetime prep:

Zach Brown:

"I think very positive, without a doubt. I think his speed really shows up on tape. Plays that… for instance, the Rams game, when the kid broke a long run – the tight end who ran a 4.5 at the combine or whatever he ran – he got hawked down by Zach Brown, and what the heck did Zach Brown run then? So his speed shows up a lot. Pursuing to the football, dropping in pass coverage, planting his foot and coming and gang tackling and making plays, so I think you don’t really notice that on the practice field until you get in game day when you see it show up. I think that’s the biggest thing that he’s added to this defense – he’s added to our team speed.”

Vernon Davis:

Martrell Spaight improved:

"Yeah, that, pretty much. And he’s going to get better. All of these guys, these younger-type players – first, second and third year guys – are going to get better with the more reps they get. When you get injured, that halts your progress a little bit. You’re getting the mental reps, but you aren’t getting the physical reps. The more reps he gets, the better he is going to be. He has always been a striker, always been a guy that hustles to the ball. Now it is just a matter of getting his keys right and his run fits and all that stuff. He is more and more comfortable with that. He is a very good linebacker, but those guys really need reps because the gaps change, formations change, strength changes, whatever it is. You have got to be on point on all that and he is getting better and better in that regard too."

Noise at Arrowhead Stadium:

"We will have our ways of communication. We have a lot of non-verbal communication and ways we can handle things with the snap count and hand signals and all that stuff. We try to use some crowd noise out here with the music and all that stuff. Tomorrow we might go inside to even make it louder so we can really try to simulate it. Like I said, there is no substitution for actually being there. It’s going to be extra electric because it is Monday Night Football. We have to just prepare ourselves, you won’t be able to hear anything and that’s what we are kind of preparing for – we won’t be able to hear anything. So silent counts, all that stuff. The quarterback has got to really verbalize in the huddle and then at the line of scrimmage, if we do use a snap count, he has to use his voice deep and loud.”