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Thoughts On The NFL: Week 3

What stood out around the NFL after Week 3

Oakland Raiders v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Los Angeles (Rams) vs. San Francisco

These two teams surprisingly combined for an offensive explosion. Offense makes for an entertaining watch and what stood out about this game was the QB play on both sides. Starting with Jared Goff, it's time to give this guy some credit. In just an offseason Goff has come a long way in a new offense under Sean McVay. Goff looks much more comfortable in the offense and you can see that in how he pushes the ball down the field. The Rams have surrounded Goff with receiving options and in this game, he relied heavily on Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods both going over 100 receiving yards. Let's not forget about Todd Gurley. After a disappointing year, last season Gurley looks to be back on track he was great this game. It’s a bit strange to say but if the Rams get their defense back particularly their secondary on track they’ll be a dangerous team.

Brian Hoyer performed relatively well too. Pierre Garcon made his performance though. I miss that guy. He went off for nearly 150 yards receiving. Kyle Shanahan is also using Carlos Hyde and he’s off to a hot start. Hyde is averaging over 5 yards a carry thus far and he is also being used heavily as a pass catcher with over 27 receptions already on the season. San Francisco knows that Hoyer and co will only get them so far. I’m somewhat shocked their defense hasn't been up to snuff so far this season. SF has invested a lot in their defensive line yet is currently ranked 23rd or so in rushing defense and 18th in total defense. I think they are missing coach Tomsula after all.

The more complete team won this one, no surprise.

Baltimore vs. Jacksonville

What a massacre over the pond. The Ravens offense was putrid particularly Joe Flacco and their defense wasn't much better. The Ravens have to be embarrassed by that performance. I’m not sure how far the Jags are going to go this season but they are off to one of their best starts in many years. How about Marcedes Lewis? The old vet had a career game with 3 touchdown catches and he has lost much of his catching ability either. What the Jags were able to do on the ground was impressive. Corey Grant cut through Baltimore's defense and gained 75 yards on just 6 carries. Leonard Fournette had a decent game with a less impressive yards per carry number but did contribute to the massacre with a touchdown. What do you think? Can the Jags actually compete for the AFC South title?

New York (Giants) vs. Philadelphia

This was a good game. I like most of you didn't mind who lost. Carson Wentz looks good. He has his whole career ahead of him but he is a 10 year QB for the Eagles. It sucked to potentially see Darren Sproles end his career the way he did. I wish him the best. Eli Manning is at the end of his career and it's unfortunate because his line and his coach sucks. The Giants were able to make it interesting against a depleted Eagle secondary their greatest hope currently is Rasul Douglas (who I really liked pre-draft). The signing of Brandon Marshall is looking terrible and the Giants run game is nonexistent. I didn’t expect it to be as close as it was nor for a rookie kicker to play hero and bank a 61 yarder. I think the Giants are toast.

Pittsburgh vs. Chicago

What happened to the Steelers? Jordan Howard happened. Howard went off for nearly 150 yards rushing. The Steeler defense simply had no answer for him and Howard carried his team to a victory. I’m surprised by Le’Veon Bell’s slow start the team needs him to help provide balance to the offense. I thought for sure the Steelers would get back in it and pull ahead after Marcus Cooper’s boneheaded play during a blocked FG return. The Steelers had several chances late but could just not put it together before the game went to overtime Tarik Cohen nearly put in the dagger on a very impressive run on OT before Jordan Howard finished it.

Cincinnati vs. Green Bay

Man, Cincy almost had it at a certain point. They got off to a hot start on offense for the first time this season. Aaron Rodgers threw his first pick 6 since the 2009 season! But Cincy could not stop a series big plays to even it before overtime. And we all know if you give Rodgers time he will burn you and that's what he did to send the game to OT with GB winning with a FG. Cincy is done! See ya, Marvin.

Oakland vs. Washington

Jim Tomsula and Greg Manusky are god damn geniuses. Oh, Chris Thompson is one of the best backs in the league. Oh, Montae Nicholson is a stud and bone crusher. Oh, and Doctson shut the haters up. Every player was damn good if not great. I’m proud.

Denver vs. Buffalo

I swear, whenever I get done praising Trevor Siemien he starts playing like he doesn't belong in the league anymore. Buffalo’s competency through the air got them in position to win and their defense sealed it. I wonder how many Buffalo fans want to replace Tyrod Taylor right now?

Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota

So I started last week and this week talking hot trash about Case Keenum and how much he sucks. Well, he shut me the hell up this week and had the performance of his career. I mean, Case was launching bombs right out of the gate looking much more comfortable in the offense than he did last week. Dalvin Cook is having a nice year so far and the Viking defense picked off Winston (after I praise him last week) 3 times! Jameis padded his stats in garbage time but the Bucs were never in a position to take over. We should also touch on what a beast Stefon Diggs is. He’s a beast. One of the best value picks in the last 5 years aside from Crowder.

Kansas City vs. Los Angeles (Chargers)

Drew Brees to LA next year anyone? Rivers does not look good and he hasn't all season. I think he’s on his last leg. But credit is due to the Chiefs defense and secondary and I hope the Redskins study every second of film. Look off your receiver, Kirk! Because the Cheif secondary is that good at jumping routes. Whats there to say about Kareem Hunt? He is an absolute stud. The Skins will have their hands full trying to stop Kelce, Hunt, and Hill. I also want to mention how Melvin Gordon is one of the lone bright spots for the Chargers right now. I would say the Chargers need to run him as much as he can handle if they are going to have hope but at 0-3 they too are done.

Miami vs. New York (Jets)

The Jet’s aren't going 0-16 after all. The Miami run game did nothing against the Jets and the Jet defense put pressure on Cutler and picked him off as well as the punter. Cutler has 4 legit weapons in Stills, Parker, Landry, and Thomas yet he isn't using them all. The Dolphins passing game is a bit weird and disjointed right now. I thought this was a pretty boring game but the report developing between McCown and Roby Anderson is one Jets fans should place their hope in as the season goes forward (at least until Hackenberg comes in).

Seattle vs. Tennessee

Finally, a Demarco Murray sighting for the Titans! I’m not sure whats going on with the Hawks but they are a shell of themselves. I’m not sure if I said that already but if I did I have to repeat it. I’m not sure where they can hang their hat. Is it on offense right now? It definitely isn't on defense judging by how their season has played on so far. Russell Wilson delivered an exceptional performance. I’m trying to figure out what happened to that roster/whats going on with the rest of the players. The Rams are leading the NFC West for God’s sake!

The aforementioned Demarco Murray ran free through Seattle’s defense and Derrick Henry didn't look bad either splitting snaps. Marcus Mariota looks solid but I’m still waiting to see the next level. I think the AFC South is the Titans to lose this year.

New Orleans vs. Carolina

I was expecting this to be a shootout instead it was a dominant performance on the part of the Saints. I think Drew Brees can play another 5 years if he wants to that dude is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Brees is calm and consistent and spreads the ball around. The Saints defense showed up this game after being pegged one of the worst if not the worst in the league. Cam is not himself, he threw 3 picks and the Panther offense is disjointed. I feel like they are force feeding McCaffery the ball in the passing game and while statistically, it shows positively it doesn't/hasn't done much for them as far as winning games.

Cleveland vs. Indianapolis

In the battle of the bad teams, the Colts came out on top. Duke Johnson is the best player on the Browns offense. The Browns have a good deal of young talent but it just hasn't gelled for them yet. Kizer struggled mightily. He’s been thrown into the fire and the team is making him throw to win instead of relying on a more balanced approach. I get that Hue and the Browns brass want to compete but there comes a time where you have to add support for a young guy like that. The Browns receivers are not getting it done. I hope they don't stunt this kids development cause I still think he has a ton of upside. It will be an exciting day the for the league when that finally happens. I don’t think Brissett is a bad QB. He has some traits a team could build upon but it's clear the Colts have a lot less to work with without Luck in the lineup. Brissett and TY are developing a good report though. Hilton made some good catches and piled on the RAC yards.

Atlanta vs. Detroit

It was all Atlanta the first half. Matt Ryan looks pretty sharp and the run game was off to a good start with Devonta Freeman that was until Atlanta gave Detroit life before the half with a Ryan pick 6 at the hands of Glover Quin. Detroit came out in the second half and played a much better game but the real MVP was Matt Prater. He had a great day kicking. This game comes down to the last play in the fourth quarter where the Lions got robbed. I can not find a replay of that play anywhere much less a close-up determining why the officials changed their call. The call was awful and the 10-second runoff was atrocious. Hell, I’m not even a Detroit fan and I’m mad about it.

Houston vs. New England

We know how good the Patriots are so I want to talk about how Deshaun Watson has gotten better and better with each game he’s played as a starter. This is exactly what you want to see out of a rookie QB. I know he tossed a couple picks but he also made some incredible plays including an unreal throw across the field to his TE. Had Watson not been playing the best QB on planet Earth the Texans would have won this game. The defense got after Brady and even scored off a fumbleception but you ant bet against Brady in the 4th quarter with the game on the line. The Texans have something here with this kid they just need to keep on developing him to see the field and not force throws.

Dallas vs. Arizona

Words can not describe my disappointment in Arizona. They too are off to a slow start and while I would have loved they take down a divisional opponent I knew it was unlikely to happen. Dak bounced back from a terrible game and had a great one. Yuck.