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After the Whistle: Redskins Week Three Dominance

This television show (Redskins football) is just getting better and better...

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the bulk of this show last night on Facebook Live—there is still plenty of audio after the camera turned off to make a listen worthwhile!

As we do during the season, we cover our favorite televised drama (Redskins football) in traditional after-show format: we geek out about the plot developments, agonize over the direction some of the stories seem to be going, and generally pore over every dramatic moment in that week’s episode.

The Sunday Night Football game was amazing television (it was also great to have seen in person). There was a seemingly endless chain of huge, action-packed scenes that went our way. That is not something we have grown used to...yet.

I feel the need to address what may seem like gratuitous attention paid to characters that are no longer starring in our show...specifically Sean McVay and Pierre Garcon. It might seem over the top, but these guys were two of my all-time favorite characters over the last few years. The show we love and watch religiously would not have been nearly as good without them, and the truth is that BOTH are on our schedule this season. McVay’s cameo is done, but Pierre’s is on the way. If you take T.V. as seriously as I do—as we do in the basement—you don’t just forget about guys who made the kind of contributions that they did.

And there you have it....another failed opportunity to NOT bring up Sean McVay (sorry Kevin and T).

Thanks for listening, and thanks for watching.