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Vernon Davis Contributing for Washington On and Off the Field

Vernon Davis is making as big a difference in the community as he is making on the field.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This week, all of the NFL sites in the SB Nation network are focusing on those things being done off the field by players on each team. There are literally countless directions to go, as so many Redskins players do such a great job by making sure they give back to the community. I chose Vernon Davis for his local flavor—he attended Dunbar HS in Washington, and of course went to the University of Maryland—as well as his increased profile on the field for this Redskins team. (I did not choose Vernon because I am working on getting him to appear on The Audible, our weekly podcast...that said, Vernon, hit a brother back at @ItsRainingKen and we’ll lock it down!)

If you start at, you will see a lot of ways to learn more about the veteran tight end with just over a decade in the league (The Athlete, The Artist, The Entrepreneur, The Family Man and The Philanthropist). The Vernon Davis Foundation for the Arts believes that, “Through the arts, youth can find new ways to express themselves, to lift their spirits and fulfill their dreams.” They provide scholarships to dedicated art students and grants to deserving nonprofit programs.

Vernon’s Closet, a recent event designed to raise awareness and support for the homeless, provided an opportunity for the player to talk a little bit about his sometimes turbulent upbringing and his goals for his city.

“It is my desire to use Vernon’s Closet as a way to raise more awareness to homelessness; especially among D.C. area youth and hopefully encourage others to get involved as well,” Davis said.

Check out the link for that event earlier in September right here.

I know it is a little dated, but I thought this was yet another awesome example of the work that Vernon has been doing—continues to do—in our D.C. community:

The Redskins roster is full of men that “get it” in terms of understanding that the community around them needs their support. Vernon Davis is a shining example of this, and I am certainly happy to promote his good work among all the other good work being done by his peers around the league.